What We Were

And what we’ll never be again…

Joe Forrest
Feb 19 · 2 min read

This is a love story that went bad. A thing that shouldn’t have been. A place that should have been avoided with the good sense of a common mind.

Fear is what drives us, you know? A fear that we will face our final moments without a warm hand to hold. Fear that there is nothing beyond this. Fear that maybe you will have to answer for your sins.

For brief moments, we are offered a respite from these harsh realities. Timeless little drops of consensus reality congeal into something miraculous, a melding of souls.

Like the cliched romanticism, the flame burns hot and the flame burns fast, until all the oxygen has left the room and there’s nothing more to say.

So, how do we carry on, a lonely road that ends in bones, when we are only afraid when love lights the way? What of those that have never known love? How shameful must I be to pity myself for losing something many never had in the first place.

Yet, fear still pry at our hearts, and we are only humans after all. We are weak, fragile, and easily breakable. The bonds between us even more fragile. The fears never leave and we have only two choices — fight or flight, right? We all know the fight is just too hard.

Two paths now, where there was once one, a somber day. The funeral march of pop synth relief pours over me every day. The ghosts whisper still, but now not so loud.

This is the last love letter you’ll ever get from me. Good bye, dear heart. You left me broken, but I used my gold to fill the cracks.


Unfiltered opinions, gonzo journalism, writing…

Joe Forrest

Written by

I’m a professional writer, futurist, father, military veteran, chaos magician, and I am prepping for a post-apocalypse out of boredom.


Unfiltered opinions, gonzo journalism, writing observations, magick talk, and culture.

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