Making Fake People

I believe there is one truth in creative writing that stands above all others: characters will make or break your story.

Joe Forrest
Jan 9, 2017 · 3 min read

You can have the best plot, the most ingenious twists, but without characters that people can relate to it means nothing.

Where do your characters come from?

Do you draw on real life?

Do you create character profiles?

Bottom line is that if you want to write a character that sells, they must have some things that make them relatable.

Those are just a few tips and there is a ton of advice on creating characters out there, so do some research.

The method above has always helped me.


Unfiltered opinions, gonzo journalism, writing…

Joe Forrest

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I’m a professional writer, futurist, father, military veteran, chaos magician, and I am prepping for a post-apocalypse out of boredom.


Unfiltered opinions, gonzo journalism, writing observations, magick talk, and culture.

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