Well, the students wrote phenomenal stories, accomplished their goals, and had fun while doing it. Although, throughout all of this adventure there was truly one master mind of the group. Grace had a secret she failed to tell the group. Grace was a zombie. She covered her wounds with long sleeves, even in the desert, and wore extreme amounts of make up to hide it. This plan worked, and her fellow students were none the wiser. She listened and read all of their stories very closely and paid a lot of attention to how they viewed betrayal. She even chose the common theme of betrayal for that reason. She especially enjoyed the violent stories. As the group’s time went on in the desert it got harder and harder to hide her secret and, eventually, she just gave into her zombie urges and ate all of their brains one by one. She started with the smallest and most irritating student and moved on from there. She would eat one and then hide the body and tell the others the person had passed away from the heat. Eventually, the others realized that Grace was killing them, but by that point there were only two left. At that point, she just ate them both at once. This explains why they do not have stories for all ten days. It is simply because they did not last that long. This is betrayal at its finest, don’t you think?

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