It was the year 2036. There was an epidemic spreading around the world like wild fire. An epidemic so bizarre, it could not be imagined even in fiction. The people of the day called it the Zombie Explosion. It was like that ancient show people watched reruns of came to life. It was called, “The Walking Dead” or something of that nature. It all began in New York City when a man came back from a business trip in China and had been infected with the zombie virus. He started showing symptoms after about 12 days. The first sign of the virus is the appearance of strange red spots on the arms and legs. Then after a few days the person starts running fever and having pneumonia like symptoms. Then slowly he or she begins having those same red patches rot and create open wounds and holes in their skin. At this point, the person would typically rush to the hospital and be admitted with pneumonia and a strange skin abnormality. After a couple of days he or she passes away and his or her family says their good byes. The first night in the grave the victim does not regain a pulse, but somehow resurrects and emerges from the ground. This is when the virus has taken full force and is referred to as, “the zombie state.” After this the now “zombie” begins looking for food and feasts upon the brains of its family, friends, and anyone who it can find. The victims who resisted get bitten by the “zombie” and the cycle begins with them. Slowly but surely, the virus made its way across America and had recently reached Monroe, Louisiana, which is where this story began.

There were 6 college students who decided to escape the virus at the first sign of infection in their city. They thought that getting away would not only help them avoid the virus, but also help them keep their sanity. Their names were: Kaitlin, Kellie, Bryan, Ayesha, Grace, and Markierra. They searched the internet trying to find somewhere to hide, but nowhere seemed good or safe enough. Eventually, after long deliberations between the students, they decided to go to the desserts of Arizona and hide for 10 days. They also decided that they needed a way to pass the time, and came to the conclusion that they would write and tell stories and post them to a blog, because they did not think hand writing them was “cool” enough. About a week after they made this decision, the first sign of the virus made its appearance in Monroe, so they quickly packed their laptops and all their essentials and left for the dessert. Upon arrival, the students quickly realized they had no wifi for their blog posts. So, they wandered and eventually stumbled upon a recently abandoned Starbucks that happened to still have wifi connection and food. So the college students set up camp and began to tell their many interesting tales.

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