Lost Love

Betrayal In Love

It was beautiful, the wedding dress, the venue, everything was perfect! When Gotti and Cole said their wedding vows, it was as if everyone in the crowd knew they meant every word of it. That day was meant to be special, and it was. The years to follow however, would be a hard road of hell.

To the people who knew Gotti and Cole, they would consider them still to be in the honeymoon stage. They put on a good show for their family and friends, and although the relationship was rocky, they had their good moments come out of it. It was not until last year, in May, when Gotti realized Cole would leave the room to answer phone calls, he would stay late at the office, and sometimes not even come home. Gotti being the sweet, light hearted person she is just continued to smile and be a wife. He was after all a partner at one of the biggest law firms in the States.

After receiving an anonymous email one evening stating that Gotti should “Check Cole’s phone.” She knew something was up. She went the whole day at work doing her normal routine of teaching a group of 2nd graders. That night, she came home and cooked dinner as usual. She had a surprise for her husband that she had tucked away in her back pocket. Cole walked in surprisingly early. Before the food was done. That was a first in a while, “Hi honey, you’re home early,” Gotti said before setting the table. “Yea, uh, my case was pushed back,” Cole went to the room and changed out of his work clothes.

Gotti heard the shower turning and decided now was her chance. She went to the room. Walking over to his side of the bed where his phone sat, she picked it up contemplating on looking through it. She went on in her head for a full minute until she just set it back down. She knew going through his phone was wrong, and if she went looking for something she would find it.

She walked off shaking off that gut feeling, until his phone started ringing. She stopped mid stride and turned around to it. It was just an unsaved number. The shower was still going on, so she answered it. “Hello?” Gotti said into the phone as masculine as she could. “Hey it’s Lisa. What’s taking you so long? Your little wife has you on a leash or something?” A female voice said into the phone. Gotti dropped the phone as she heard the shower go off. Her tears started immediately. Not only was he betraying her trust, but this woman knew about Gotti as well.

The bathroom door opened, and Gotti jumped up. “Gotti? What’s wrong?” He asked with a confused face. “Lisa called.” Gotti’s eyes were red. Cole gave Gotti the most sympathetic look he could. He loved Gotti with his whole heart, however, he was not in love with her anymore. He wanted children and she could bear none. He had grown tired of just the two of them in that big house, so he created a family elsewhere. After telling Gotti all of this, her heart could no longer take it. Of course she wanted kids, she was a teacher for Christ’s sake.

Gotti just walked into the bathroom, locked the door and sat on the floor. She removed something from her pocket and began to examine it some more. She just began crying hysterically. It was a pregnancy test, and on it was the word “Pregnant”. However, now it was too late. Cole had moved on to another family, that love was now lost.

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