Blog Post 2: Video

More than 70% of internet traffic contains video. However each Social Media Content uses video in many different ways and is an integral marketing strategy used. Videos are a way to communicate to the viewer in a subconscious effort, however videos on Instagram are known to predominantly feature ‘behind the scenes’ content, a form of humanizing a brand or/and exhibit product experience. However with every Social Media content there are guidelines to the production of the video prior posting. Instagram videos vary in length from a minimum of 3 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds, this provides producers a chance to make short, compact films to convey there short message or idea into a post. Videos however include sound, can be filtered and edited aswell. A bonus of this video making content, is that this short production can be completely formed on just your phone, making it faster, easier and more accessible to film. Many instagram accounts use video posts, some of these are @urmumsyadad , @houseofhighlights , @lelepons , @kingbach , @kyliejenner , @boats_n_smose , @badgalriri , @britishvogue etc. These acounts use video for many different reasons, some are to produce comedic tones, musical performances, personal experiences, market products etc. Yet these accounts don’t just post videos, instagram allows accounts to post photos, stories as well. The account I’ll be analysing is @voguemagazine which features video and photo posts. However being a magazine company account, they strive to portray fashion in a different, distinctive way through short video concepts. Promoting clothing brands, models, american pride, vogue history, designers and vogue fashion articles. The picture attached is a short fashion video directed by Charlie Engman and edited by Jorden Bickham. The video embraces the new spring trend ‘the power of pink’ and promotes the vogue fashion article ‘15 pink dresses for the spring trend’. The video displays models Liu Wen, Vittoria Ceretti and Kiki Willems dancing to a song in different pink dresses. When clicking on this instagram video, the viewer notices it’s short and is repeated again and again each time the video concludes. The girls are shown dancing together with different shots doing quirky dance moves that Bickham edits together in a sharp, static, to the beat process. Through the movement and varying shot types the clothing fabrics, clothing details and model’s looks are enhanced, engaging the viewer and furthermore promoting their selling points. This video has 201,090 views and over 198 comments, posted on the 11th of Feburary to showcase these new, pink dresses, the models and of course vogue’s fashion article. Therefore Film on Social Media is used in many variations and for many different reasons. However the short, fast paced edited videos on Instagram effectively are used to promote and/ or entertain consumers, gaining the account a larger reach to their target audience.