Samsø Skole

Sustainability project

Anny Oestergaard Jensen / Bjarne Nielsen

In the fall of 2015 it was decided that Samsø Skole should work towards having a sustainable profile. Two teachers got a course “Nordisk Bærekraft” for inspiration and to obtain the possibility to learn from other players in Scandinavia and of course networking. The eldest students at the school have been chosen to start the project and the perspective of the future is that it’ll spread to the rest of the school. Sustainability as a theme contains lots and lots of angels. We want to focus on sustainable energy because we have a lot of experience and know-how on Samsø. At the same time it gives us the possibility to cooperate with different players on Samsø, who want to share their knowledge, and it’ll give the students the possibility of more hands-on experiences.

The students are supposed to get basic knowledge about sustainability (FN’s 17 goals) in general and sustainable energy in particular. The goal is that they will be able to function as ambassadors for Samsø and role models for sustainable thinking. We are going to travel to e.g. Island to tell other young people about Samsø and how sustainable energy is used on Samsø and also tell the story about Samsø becoming co2 neutral. We hope to meet other young people who can tell our young people about their views on sustainability and how they and their country/local area are dealing with these issues. Travelling to other countries also provides the pupils with intercultural competence, which is extremely important in a globalized world.
 We would also like the students to make presentations in Denmark and cooperate with other youngsters, in order to give the opportunity to inspire and empower each other.