Slack Notifications for Jira Comments

Group Nine’s Program Management team is back with an improvement to the way teams communicate using Jira and Slack! As a distributed team, we rely heavily on communication through tools so it’s important that we tailor these products to fit with the way that we work.

Slack and Jira can be effective ways of communicating but each product has its own pros and cons. In general terms, Slack messages yield faster response times however, the conversation can be difficult to reference in context later on. Jira comments might get lost in e-mail hell, but at least the conversation is in a centralized place (the Jira issue) for future reference.

Which method should you choose: speed or process? Group Nine Media’s Program Management team thinks that you shouldn’t have to choose! That’s why we created the Jira Comment Bot whose job is to send direct messages in Slack to users are who mentioned in Jira comments. The bot is currently only available in our Slack workspace but we figured that we should share what we’ve built to inspire other teams to create similar integrations for themselves! Edit: We’ve since added steps to our github repo so that any team can install this integration in their workspace!

We made it super simple to signup for Slack messages. DM the Jira Comment Bot with “signup” to receive a link and then you’re two clicks away from completing the signup process!

the signup flow for the Jira Comment Bot

The real magic happens after signing up! Users receive DMs in Slack whenever someone mentions them in Jira!

a slack message notifying a user that they’ve been mentioned in a Jira comment

There is also a feature that allows users to respond to the Jira issue without ever leaving Slack!

users can comment on Jira issues from within Slack
comments made from Slack are captured in Jira

Group Nine Media’s Program Management team is always on the quest to improve the way our teams communicate! We’ll continue to post experiments and ideas on our blog, so come back soon!

Group Nine is hiring! You can see all our open positions on our jobs page. To read more about our work and to learn what our tech and product team is like, see our other blog posts.