“I wish I could find a man like the one you have. I’m starting to become desperate!” Ali said while drinking her coffee. We sat at a wooden table in a small coffee shop filled with people coming in before their jobs or school. Ali was sitting across the table from me, with sad eyes. I knew she had been looking for a man and also to be loved. Her past wasn’t one she liked to discuss but I knew it was bad. “You’ll find him eventually Ali. Good things come to those who wait…Isn’t that the saying?” I ask with a confused look on my face. She starts laughing. “Nicole I swear you’re an amazing friend! Hey, there’s a story that’s been going around our workplace. Something about a man that use to work there and then suddenly disappeared! Is that true?” I look down at my cup and take a deep breath. “Yeah, I heard about it. But people keep getting the story wrong. If you want to listen, I’ll tell you it the way it actually happened.” Ali scoots her chair closer to the table with her elbows on it. Her eyes are begging me to tell, and so I begin.

Joseph was a junior editor at our company. He had ambition and was extremely intelligent. All of his superiors looked up to him. They knew he would become the CEO of the company. Even though the CEO at that time had a son, the son was in no way ready to take over and focused more on drinking and partying. The CEO, Albert Thomas, had his eye on Joseph for years and was ready to make him an offer that could change his life. That day, Joseph was about to leave with a few colleagues for lunch when he saw her. A woman, with long dark brown hair down to her lower back and hazel eyes that matched her dress and heels. She was the most beautiful woman Joseph had ever seen as she walked past him. Joseph tried to catch up, but when he turned the corner, she was gone. His colleagues were calling for him so he turned around, the woman still on his mind for the rest of the day. That night, Joseph heard some movements in the living room and got out of his bed to see what it was. He walked to the room to see her, the beautiful woman from work that day. “How did you get in my home?” Joseph asked surprised. “I know you’re lonely.” The woman said. “I know you have been looking for me for a very long time, even have prayed for me.” The woman was wearing a white strapless dress and her dark hair covering her shoulders. “And I have as well. I love you Joseph and I am willing to give you my love, my heart, and my body if you just promise me this one thing.” Joseph moved to sit down next to her not quite believing that she was in his home. “Yes. What is it?” “You must promise me to never tell anyone about us. If you tell someone, you will lose me, forever.” Not caring to know the reason why he must keep this a secret he answered. “Yes, I promise to never tell anyone about us.” The woman smiled and kissed him.

The next morning, Joseph woke up alone and was suddenly confused. Was it a dream or did she actually come to him that night? The doorbell rang and Joseph got up to answer hoping that it was the woman. He opened the door to find Mrs. Thomas, Albert’s wife in a white pantsuit with pearls around her neck. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and certainly an attractive woman. She was younger than Albert and the staff new she wasn’t exactly faithful. “Hello, Joseph. I’m sorry to wake you up so early.” Mrs. Thomas says with a gleam in her eyes. Joseph straightens himself and says “No! Not at all. I was just getting ready for work.” “May I come in?” Mrs. Thomas asked and Joseph let her in. She goes straight to the kitchen to have a seat on the bar stool while Joseph makes himself some coffee. “I heard you’re going to become the new CEO of the company.” Mrs. Thomas says smiling. “I don’t know if that’s true Mrs. Thomas. I haven’t heard anything and plus, wouldn’t Mr. Thomas want his son to become their CEO instead of me?” “Our son has…other priorities and is not fit to become CEO. I can make you becoming a CEO a reality.” The way Mrs. Thomas stated that sentence sent a chill through Joseph’s spine and not the good kind. He became nervous. “How would that happen?” Mrs. Thomas gets off the bar stool and walks over to Joseph and puts her arms around his neck. “Kiss me, I will make all of your dreams come true. You will become the CEO and have all the fortunes you desire.” Joseph suddenly became aggravated and threw her hands off of him. “Absolutely not. There is no way I will kiss you just to become CEO. Please leave my home now.” Mrs. Thomas became offended and grabbed her purse. “You will regret turning me down Joseph no one can do this for you except me.” “You’re wrong. There is a woman who can do more things for me than you can and she is beautiful, more beautiful than you and she’s mine.” Joseph said out of spite and anger. But, he knew that the words he said meant that he would never see that beautiful woman again.

That afternoon Joseph got a call from the CEO’s office and automatically knew what he was being called for. He went to the elevators and got on one. As he rode the elevator up, he began to lose hope, he didn’t care that he would be fired, all he cared about was breaking a simple promise to that woman and knowing he would lose her forever. The doors opened and he walked to Mr. Thomas’ office and opened the door. He saw Mrs. Thomas sitting next to him will an evil smirk on her face but he did not care. He didn’t care that his livelihood would be gone, or that his future would be tarnished. He had fell in love at first sight with the beautiful mystery woman and in his mind begged her for forgiveness. “Joseph, I thought about you becoming the future CEO of this company, to become my heir. You worked hard all four years of being here and showed determination to rise above others. I was told by my wife that you tried to have…relations with her and yelled at her when she declined. What do you have to say for yourself? “ Joseph, sitting on his chair has his head down and knew nothing he said would change the outcome. “Believe what you want Mr. Thomas. I have no wish to argue, give me my papers and I will be on my way.”

Suddenly, a knock was heard at the door and an annoyed Mr. Thomas allowed the person to come in. “Excuse me, sir. I would like to speak on behalf of Joseph.” Joseph’s head turned around quickly to the soft voice that filled the room. It was her, the beautiful woman he loved dearly. He stood up and walked towards her. “Joseph would never do such a thing. Mrs. Thomas told him that he would become future CEO of the company if he kissed her. He declined and she came back to you with lies to get him fired.” Mr. Thomas looked at his wife and she looked away. Shock and despair fills his eyes while the beautiful woman takes Joseph out of the office. They ride down the elevator to the lobby and walk out the building to her car. They get in and Joseph suddenly said “I’m so sorry I broke the promise.” Before he could say more she puts a finger over his lips. “Come with me.” She says with a smile and he nods his head. They drive out the city, never to be seen again.