Mr. Evans

Mr. Evans, a mostly admirable man, is the CEO of a fortune 500 company. He is well known in his town, to which he has brought thousands of jobs. He is well respected among his peers and quite the philanthropist. To keep up with all the labors of business and his charitable work, Mr. Evans hired a personal assistant. John, a blue collar guy, had slowly worked his way up in the company and caught the eye of Mr. Evans. John, being loyal to the company, adamantly agreed to the position. Evans, a single man, had acquired the reputation of being a womanizer. He quite often went on various dates, but can’t find a woman he wants to make a life with.

Mr. Evans, having become good friends with John, invites John and his wife to his hunting camp. At the camp Evans meets John’s wife for the first time. “ Hello, I’ve heard such great things about you.” states Natalie. As if time had frozen, Mr. Evans was caught in a trance at the beauty and mannerisms of Natalie, wife of John. With a crackle in his voice Mr. Evans whips, “ As of I, of you!” Flustered and red Mr. Evans offers the couple inside to settle in and tells them dinner will be ready in the hall shortly.

At the dinner table the men discussed the plan for the morning hunt. “I usually hunt the north end of the camp, that will leave you with the back end, John.” Said Mr. Evans. John enjoying the huge entree that was prepared for them responds, “ Hey man, that sounds good to me I am just gracious for the invite.” Mr. Evans spoke of the high population of squirrels around the camp and that he was guaranteed to bag a limit by mid afternoon. However, no matter how hard Mr. Evans tried to shake his feelings for Natalie he just could not. He had to speak to her in private, if not just to see if she felt the same way.

Mr. Evans soon hatched a plan to get him and Natalie alone so he could pronounce his lust. He was to fake an illness and stay back at the camp while John proceeded to hunt in the morning. As he did, and to much dismay, the woman expressed much interest in the him as well. “ I know this may sound crazy but you are like no woman I have ever seen.” stated Mr. Evans. “ I believe it was destiny for me to promote John and invite him here so our two paths would cross.” Although she expressed much doubt in him knowing his past of relationships. He made a promise that he would put her first and one day make her his wife. There was only one small stepping stone in the way, John.

Mr. Evans’ mind began to grow dark. To him, there was no other option. He must kill John. “ What if John had an accident.” He said. “ What are you trying to say,” retracted Natalie. “ The only way we can be together is if John is out of the picture for good.” He said in a subtle yet frightening way. Natalie sadly put her head in her hands as she nodded her head slowly. The camp had a walk in freezer in the basement used to store meat. The freezer was stocked with wild game carcasses hanging from end to end. It was Mr. Evans idea to lock John in as he dropped off his skinned game. He tells Natalie it will look like an accident and the two can not be held accountable.

The evening came and John had still not returned from hunting. As the two romantically engaged each other John secretly walked into the camp and witnessed them in the act. He was astonished and his breath was taken out of his chest. He backed out of the room and stumbled. A loud thump echoed through out the camp, Mr. Evans rushed to the freezer to hide. John sees Evans running down the stairs. “How could you do this to me!” Shouted John. Natalie weeping tears of sorrow was unable to speak. John, now consumed with darkness, grew a smirk across his face. He grabbed Natalie by the arm and drug her down the stairs. There standing in front of him was the towering doors of the freezer. Knowing his boss was seeking cover he opened the door and slung his wife in, “ You have made my heart cold to be back stabbed by two people dear to me, now your hearts will also grow cold!” Yelled John as he jammed the door from the outside.

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