One day in the town of Nashville, Tennessee lived two of the most famous country singers that have ever lived. Their houses were separated by a lake running between them with a strong current moving towards the west. The houses were so far apart off of the lake that neither man had ever met the other one, they just knew that they had a neighbor across the lake. The man who lived on the right side of the lake had researched about his neighbor across the lake and found out he had a wife, who was beautiful and could sing just as good as her husband. One day while sitting in his yard he heard, from across the lake, someone singing a very beautiful song. So he started looking around for the source of the tune. The curious man finally laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, he knew he was in love at first sight but he didn’t know how to get her attention. He tried many ways, and finally he just decided to look her up on Facebook. Not knowing her name or anything about her he just knew she could sing, but he found her and requested to be her friend.

The beautiful woman’s husband was out of town a lot on tours so she never thought anything about him getting mad over being on Facebook. She was pondering the website one day and came across a friend request from a man who she knew looked familiar. She accepted the request and immediately they began talking about their lives and what they each cherished and valued in life. From the beginning she knew he was perfect for her, but the fact that he lived across the lake with a strong current never allowed them to see each other in person. It became a tradition every day to log into the site at the same time around 5:00 PM just enough time to talk before the beautiful woman’s husband arrived home and expected to eat dinner. They each valued love, and cherished the time they got to talk to one another while on Facebook. As it grew to be more and more of a cherished time for them, it was stopped suddenly when the woman’s husband came home one day to catch her on the website.

The husband arrived home early one day from a tour and came home to his wife on the computer logged into Facebook, browsing endlessly. He asked her nicely to get off of and come to dinner with him. The husband noticed a trend over the next few days of his wife always being on the internet so he asked her, “Why are you always on that computer?” she replied with, “It is Facebook, I like to spend my time learning about people’s lives and reading about their daily activities.” He became furious with her response because he was not a fan of this so-called “social media.” The wife went out the next day for a stroll in town to do some shopping and came home to her computer completely cleared out and not able to access Internet at all. The husband came to meet her and said, “Now you wont have any distractions from me and dinner time in the evening when I get home my lady, aren’t you happy?” The beautiful wife was so devastated she replied back to him, “No! You are never here to be with me, I am always on my own and you took my one form of entertainment away.” The tension in the room was so high, but there were no sad feelings from the husband because he did not care one bit.

The wife knew she had no other connections with her love, so she had to find a way to relay the news to him about her Facebook. She decided to log onto her maidservants page and send him a message telling him how sorry she was but her access to Facebook was no longer available, and that she loved him and will miss him. The man had just arrived home from work and was logging on to talk to his love when he saw the message from her. He was heart broken that their access was disconnected, but he told her he would always love her and he would save their messages on his page for forever so he could read over them when he started missing her.