Cody and Ashley appeared to be the dream couple.They had known each other since elementary school and became high school sweet hearts. Cody was the typical jock tall, handsome, and he played every sport their school had to offer. Ashley was a blonde haired, blue eyed girl and she was captain of the cheer leading squad. The two were inseparable, always smiling, and content when in each other’s presence.

After graduating high school, the couple planned to go to the same college, graduate, and then get married and start a family of their own. Graduation was six months away and Cody started receiving college scholarships from many universities one of which largely caught his eye. Mississippi State University offered Cody a full ride athletic scholarship to play football. Cody immediately wanted to accept the offer and this decision broke Ashley’s heart because Mississippi State University was eighteen hours away from their hometown in Colorado. Cody did accept the offer and things began to change for the couple.

Ashley and Cody began their college journey after graduating from high school. Cody started attending Mississippi State University and Ashley started attending the University of Colorado. A long distance relationship proved to be difficult for the couple because they were never able to see each other. Although the decision broke their heart, the couple decided to end their eight year relationship. Ashley was very upset about the breakup and started to look for comfort in other men. She went on many dates to try to fill the void in her heart but none of the guys she met were able to complete the task; until a year later when she met Lance. Lance was eight years older than Ashley and he was a very charming business man. Ashley began to spend more time with Lance and she suddenly began to forget about the pain she had from ending her previous relationship. Lance had his own two-story house, a nice car, and a wonderful job. This amazed Ashley because she was only a nineteen year old sophomore in college. The two dated for only three months and Lance asked Ashley for her hand in marriage.

Ashley’s parents were excited when they heard the news because in their mind Lance had his life together and would be able to support and provide for Ashley. Shortly after they got married, Lance convinced Ashley to drop out of college and stay at home to tend to the house while he was at work. Lance did not want Ashley to go anywhere without him and he began to show possessive attributes. Ashley did not notice Lance’s over-protectiveness as bad because she was still obsessed with the thought of marrying such a charming and older guy. As years went on Lance became more and more controlling and Ashley began to fear him. He would often grab Ashley when he was upset with her, leaving marks on her arm. Ashley became very unhappy and her personality completely changed. Lance did not want anyone to notice Ashley’s unhappiness so he kept her from seeing her family and friends and would often make her give them excuses as to why she could not see them.

Seven years passed and Ashley was more unhappy than she had ever been. She reached a point in her marriage when she did not want to look at Lance or be around him anymore. She brought up the topic of divorce to Lance and he hit her in the face causing her to be scared to ask him for a divorce again. One day Ashley was at a grocery store buying items to prepare dinner for Lance when she saw a familiar face down the aisle. It was Cody and he swiftly walked up to Ashley when he recognized her and hugged her tightly in his arms. The two had lost contact over the years so they were very excited to see each other. Cody was still single and had since graduated with a business degree from Mississippi State University. He immediately noticed Ashley’s wedding ring and he was upset. He hid his emotions and congratulated Ashley instead of showing disappointment that she was married. Ashley did not want Lance to question why she was taking so long at the grocery store so Cody and Ashley exchanged telephone numbers and Ashley finished shopping so she could return home. A week had passed and Ashley was upset because she had not heard from Cody so she decided to text him. She asked him why he had not contacted her and he said he did not think her husband would appreciate it if they kept in contact. Ashley soon began to confide in Cody and told her the problems she was going through in her marriage. Cody still cared deeply for Ashley so he was upset when he heard how Lance was treating her. Ashley began to be brave and she would sneak over to Cody’s house while Lance was at work. Ashley started to be herself again she was happy when she was with Cody. Ashley’s feelings for Cody came back and the two began to sleep together without Lance knowing. Ashley made Cody promise that he would never tell anyone what they were doing because she feared what Lance might do to her if he found out. The relationship began to get risky when Ashley found out that she was pregnant with Cody’s child.

Ashley started experiencing morning sickness and Lance noticed that something was different with Ashley. He questioned if she was pregnant and she told him she did not know. One day after work Lance bought a pregnancy test and forced Ashley to take it. The results came back positive and Lance was thrilled because he thought it was his child. Ashley discussed with Cody that she did not want to divorce Lance because she feared he would hurt her or someone else. She begged Cody not to tell Lance that the child was his until she could determine the best way to approach Lance about the situation. Cody and Ashley decided it was best to stop seeing each other as often as they were but Cody still texted Ashley every day to check on her and the baby. One evening while Ashley was brushing her teeth before she went to sleep Lance started looking through Ashley’s phone and noticed messages from Cody. He was immediately angry and slapped Ashley across the face before even questioning her. He kept Ashley’s phone and she had no way of telling Cody what had happened. Lance read messages from months ago in Ashley’s phone and was able to find Cody’s address. Lance’s anger intensified through the night and he could no longer contain it and he left at three in the morning to go find Cody. He entered Cody’s house through a window that was left open and he began to beat Cody. Blood was everywhere but Lance would not stop he continued to hit Cody over and over until he was unconscious. Ashley woke up and realized that Lance was gone so she immediately called the cops and told them she was afraid that Lance had done something to hurt Cody. The cops arrived at Cody’s house and found Lance with blood on his hands so they immediately put him in handcuffs. Ashley ran into Cody’s room only to find his lifeless body lying on the bed. She grabbed him and began to cry hysterically. She had lost the one person who made her happy and the one that she had truly loved for so long.

Lance was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Cody and Ashley was finally free from Lance. Ashley mourned the loss of her love for a very long time. Nine months after Cody’s death Ashley gave birth to a little boy. He was perfect in her eyes and she named him Cody Jr. after his father. The boy grew up to be an athlete like his daddy and loved his mom more than anything in the world. Cody Jr. took away the pain that his mom had experienced for so long and he brought happiness back into her life.