In the description of the journey we took with the production process in the evidence and evaluation blogs, a few minor steps regarding publishing were missed. Uploading the travel video to the Vimeo platform and then deciding to make it a private, password-protected video was an important part of our experience with the platform. Additionally, a slightly more narrative approach might be beneficial in describing the process.

In our evaluation there is room to develop and expand on our learning during the semester. While our understanding and experience of different platforms is reviewed, we also need to discuss authoring, publishing and distributing online and what we learnt about these throughout the course. To produce more critical writing in our essay, we could further analyse the issues we encountered and go into depth about why they happened. Perhaps the issues we encountered such as the ability to produce a video of a similar high quality found on Vimeo, asks the question: is Vimeo a platform for amateur video making? It could be argued that we underestimated the professionalism of the videos on the platform. Instead, our video may have been more suited to a platform such as YouTube or Instagram.

In our evaluation, ideas surrounding platforms and what they mean to us, the consumer, are present. Then, it opens up how that view changed when we became the authors. This could be an interesting perspective to develop in our essay. To expand on this, we could potentially write our essay from the point of view of us, the consumer, who suddenly has to become an author, publisher and distributor and thus how the experience is different for an outsider. Although we are familiar with all these platforms, what happened when the experience with and use of the platform changed?

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