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Hi, I’m Mike Aparicio, Senior UI Engineer on the Product Design team. I recently appeared on a couple of podcasts to talk about design systems and how we’re working to build a cross-platform design system at Groupon.

On Get it Out of Your System, I spoke with Dan Mall about how communication is one of the biggest challenges in establishing a design system. “A design system,” I said, “is not a design solution or an engineering solution. It’s more about people and process and how we talk to each other.”

I also spoke with Layshi Curbelo on the Command Z Podcast after my design system talk at University of Illinois’ 2019 WebCon, where we talked about what design systems are and how they can help improve productivity and collaboration between designers and engineers. For those looking to convince their organization to create a design system, I suggested, “Don’t sell the system, sell the results.”

Mike Aparicio speaks with Layshi Curbelo on the Command Z Podcast




A collection of stories, case studies, and tips 'n tricks from the Product Design, Content Strategy, and User Research folks at Groupon

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Mike Aparicio

Mike Aparicio

Sr. UI Engineer @ Groupon, design systems.

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