Hands-on: Managing Colors in Zeplin

How to keep colors consistent across a crew of designers & developers.

This should only take like two minutes of your time, at most, but this is some basic housecleaning info that everyone using Zeplin should know. Zeplin makes it easy to manage colors within the styleguide, helping developers avoid using different names for the same colors in their code, and it also helps to cut down on “off-brand” colors. So, how do you manage colors in Zeplin? Easy.

Step 1: View the Document’s Colors

After importing a design into Zeplin, click into any artboard to view the colors used in its layers. While on that artboard, click the brush & easel icon to view the Color Tab. Got that? Now on to Step 2!

Step 2: Name the Colors

Pretty self explanatory, just make sure to use whatever naming convention you already have, if you have one.

Use underscores or dashes when naming colors, as they will be used in CSS

Step 3: Viewing the Styleguide

The styleguide can be found by clicking to the main view of the project and clicking the Styleguide tab ⌘G. From there, you can see the color palette, fonts and CSS.

Boom! You’re on your way to creating consistent colors throughout your site or app.

Logan Miller is a designer on the Groupon mobile app. He enjoys long walks to the sunset underscored by EDM background music while playing fetch with his imaginary dog, Ziggy Stardust.

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