Global Team, One Goal

John J. Higginson
Jul 20 · 3 min read

Hello and welcome to the re-launch of Groupon’s Product + Engineering blog. This is a space for people on our global team to share everything from technical achievements and product launches, to how we do things. In the months that follow, you’ll hear from Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists, and Designers about the work they do, and what it’s like to run a multinational consumer marketplace at our size and scale.

Groupon since its inception has become a well-known and widely-used brand: a two-sided marketplace that connects merchants to consumers by offering goods and services at a discount. To give you a sense of our impact, here are some stats as of the start of this year:

42 million Global active customers

200 million+ mobile app downloads

1 million Merchants worked with to date

1.5 billion Groupons sold to date.

As you might imagine, supporting a business with this reach requires many different technologies and skills: Providing fast mobile apps and websites for consumers (localized, of course). Ensuring that consumers can find what they’re looking for or be inspired to try new things through finding signals in past data or their own searches. It is allowing merchants to provide deals on Groupon’s site through tools to manage listings, pricing, and handle payments. It is a platform that supports Cyber Monday and millions of secure transactions. And it is a team that looks to the future needs of our customers and merchants and builds that into our roadmap. We do that as one team — Product and Engineering together to understand the needs of the market and build the technology that makes it real. That’s the one goal that drives us.

In building all of those things, we are big believers in incorporating the best ideas. That takes the form of internal hackathons, encouraging transparent, honest feedback about current features, and leveraging community- or open source-technologies. We’re also transitioning to adopt Lean-Agile practices across the team. That ensures that teams react nimbly to the needs of our merchants and customers and that decisions are made by the teams and not top-down.

And since our business is global, so is our team. We work out of offices in North America, Europe, and India. That geographic footprint ensures that we are close to our customers both external and internal. It also allows us to find great talent around the world. But being a global team has its challenges. We’ve had to adapt to communicating in limited windows of time and move some of our interaction to asynchronous exchanges. But there are benefits to our global footprint — we have people on the team with vast experience in developing products who are steeped in the unique needs of consumers and merchants in the places they live. That makes us stronger as a team and gives us better ideas.

A lot is happening at Groupon these days. After managing the initial shock of COVID-19, we are now focusing our energies on the next generation of the Groupon platform. We are working to create the future customer experience, providing deep personalization and insightful recommendations. For our merchants, we’re constructing a self-service platform that puts the power to offer their services in the way they want and to provide machine learning-based guidance on pricing. All of this using a micro-services based architecture built on AWS.

To get there, we’re going to need some help. We are hiring in many locations right now. We’d love to have you join us and help us build that future:

Groupon Product and Engineering

All things technology from Groupon staff

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