Chocolate Pizza: The Next Chicken and Waffles?

Chicken and waffles: the unique combination of two beloved foods that proved sweet and savory can coexist. While chicken and waffles became a massive success, not all sweet and savory food combinations were as accepted by the public. For example, bacon milkshakes proved to be a fad. Will any sweet and savory combo reach the popularity of chicken and waffles? Enter chocolate pizza. Chocolate: the ultimate craving satisfier. Pizza: a food with a following of devoted enthusiasts. When joined together, will people embrace the hybrid, or will they reject the concept? GroupSolver ran a study to see what people think of chocolate pizza.

People Who Have Not Tried Chocolate Pizza

Most of the sample (85%) have never tried chocolate pizza and have mixed feelings on the concept. Some are strongly opposed to the idea, asserting arguments such as “I like pizza for a meal, not a dessert” (56% support). Skeptics want to know “what else is on it” (57% support) and “how it is made” (57% support) before promoting the hybrid treat. Others are more intrigued by the idea, describing the concept as “new and different” (75% support) and “innovative” (59% support). With responses like “So many people love chocolate” (86% support) and “I love chocolate, I love pizza” (61% support), respondents recognized the potential of the creative combination.

People Who Have Tried Chocolate Pizza

From the 14% of the sample that have tried chocolate pizza, the dessert received rave reviews. The sweet flavor is top of mind when chocolate pizza tasters were asked what they thought of the treat. People mentioned the “very sweet and delicious” (78% support) nature of chocolate pizza and how it “definitely kills a sweet tooth” (78% support) for those craving a delectable dessert. Some respondents could not fully elaborate on why they enjoyed chocolate pizza and simply gave feedback like “it’s just awesome” (74% support). Statistically speaking, those who have tried chocolate pizza have a higher average likelihood of buying it again within the next three months compared to those who have not tried it before[1]. Based on the predominantly positive responses and the likelihood of chocolate pizza repurchases, trying chocolate pizza can turn you into a fan of this unique treat.

Who Wants to Try It?

So who wants a slice of this gourmet pizza? Overall, respondents’ average likelihood of buying chocolate pizza within the next 3 months was close to neutral[2]. Men and women alike have a similar likelihood of buying chocolate pizza within the next 3 months[3]. If you are a pizza fanatic, then odds are that you are more eager to try chocolate pizza compared to your casual pizza eating friends[4]. Don’t have a lot of money in your pocket? Then this might be the dessert you have been waiting for! But, be careful when you ask your rich friends to get a slice of chocolate pizza with you. While you may think it as an “innovative idea”, your rich friend is more likely to disagree with you and they may be less enthusiastic to try it[5]. If you are over the age of 50, then, unfortunately, chocolate pizza may not be the most appetizing idea to you. However, go ahead and treat your kids or some of your younger co-workers to chocolate pizza, because they are more likely to be open to eating this dessert.[6]

Based on the results of the study, chocolate pizza seems to face a long, uphill battle to become the next chicken and waffles. Many people simply do not know about, or have not tried, chocolate pizza, but it is encouraging to see that once people try the unique combination, they are more likely to become chocolate pizza enthusiasts. There is potential for the unlikely pairing, and step one is giving it a chance.

[1] Average(Tried chocolate pizza)=3.86; Average(Have not tried chocolate pizza)=2.52; Scale: 1=Very unlikely to buy chocolate pizza within the next 3 months, 5=Very likely to buy chocolate pizza within the next 3 months

[2] Average Likelihood of purchase (Overall)=2.73; Scale: see footnote 1

[3] Average(Men)=2.89; Average(Women)=2.66; Scale: See footnote 1

[4] Average(Buys pizza once a week or more frequently)=3.22; Average(Buys pizza less than once a week)=2.37; Scale: see footnote 1

[5] Average($75,000 or more income)=2.6; Average(less than $75,000 income)=3.2; Scale: see footnote 1; For comparison of support strength of “innovative idea” quote, see IntelliSegment

[6] Average(51+ years old) = 2.22; Average(31–50 years old)=3.09; Average(30 years or younger)=3; Scale: see footnote 1