Social Media: What do Instagram and Snapchat users enjoy the most?

These days, you can’t walk a block in a major city without spotting someone using their phone or tablet to access social media. In just 10 years, social media has gone from being virtually non-existent to being an essential part of millions of people’s lives. With social media now playing a role in everything from marketing to entertainment, it has become essential to understand what drives consumer behavior when it comes to these different platforms.

To understand things a bit better, the team at GroupSolver™ put together a survey and studied some of the behavior behind Instagram and Snapchat users. Let’s take a look at the behind-the-scenes of these two platforms.

How long have people been using their social media?

A majority of those we surveyed are veterans of social media. 64% of our survey participants have used Instagram for over a year while 44% of our Snapchat users have been sending snaps for that same length of time. 90% percent of respondents have also used one or both of these platforms in the past two days. Instagram does see a bit more overall usage, but most people are still accessing both, or one of these platforms, almost every day.

When it comes to the average user of Snapchat or Instagram, it’s important to remember that these people are accessing content very regularly and have done so for quite a long time.

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Improvement needed?

What should these social platforms change to make their users more happy? Many male Snapchat users answered that they wished to see longer view times for snaps as well as more available replays for content sent by friends. Female users instead expressed a desire for an easier-to-use interface as well as more straightforward photo-saving capabilities. We also determined a consensus of nearly 65% among all Snapchat users when it comes to the point system between friends. Our respondents asked for greater clarity when it came to the symbols and numbers associated with this system.

Based on responses from Instagram users, we found that newer users express a desire for greater ease in designing and sharing photo collages within the Instagram app. Those who have used Instagram for over a year expressed a similar desire, but they seemed more interested in the addition of a “search-by-most-recent” function. Respondents of all backgrounds also asked for a better interface when it comes to accessing Instagram through a computer instead of a mobile device. We observed a 71% consensus from respondents in support of this idea.

Let’s talk business

Both Snapchat and Instagram users are looking for more offers and promotions when it comes to following specific brands. An overwhelming majority of our respondents answered that they want to see an increase in special offers and promotional giveaways made available for following different companies. We also determined that many male users would enjoy a greater level of interaction with ad content. Social media already has a leg up on television and magazines when it comes to interactive content, and ad campaigns based around this idea might have greater success in engaging audiences.

What does all of this mean?

Understanding user behavior is a keystone of marketing. Both Snapchat and Instagram have become great new avenues for online marketing and there is a lot of room for growth with both of these platforms.

Learning to attract new users is also essential for any social media page. Creating content that engages an audience and brings them back for more should be the goal of any influencer looking to spread their message.