Get Your Hard Earned Time Back By Automating The Boring Stuff

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To become more productive, sometimes you need to find more time. There’s an easy principle to follow to find more time. One thing that the Internet is making easier and easier to cut out of your life is the need to physically go to a store or wait in line. Now that you can order groceries and renew your driver’s license online, why go to these places at all? You’re only setting yourself up to be inconvenienced. With the proliferation of free shipping and all-inclusive memberships like Amazon Prime, you can easily set yourself up with a system that delivers all of life’s essentials to your mailbox.

Cutting out these inefficiencies in your life is something I wrote about in this blog post. Services like Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” and Blue Apron’s dinner kit delivery service have revolutionized my life in a good way. I remember when I was growing up, Sundays weren’t about football. Sundays were long days spent at Costco when the whole family would go and buy essentials at the store together. Now, those things just get delivered to my front door. My Sundays have been rescued, freeing up time that I can now use productively, like writing this e-book!

This principle also relates back to my earlier point about wearing the same or similar clothing each day. I know lots of people, and I’m sure you do too, that spend all day at work surfing clothing sites and following fashion trends. I have a few go-to brands which have consistent sizing, so that when something I own wears out, I can easily put another set on order. For example, I’ve been wearing Nike Pegasus size 8.5 shoes since 2007, and continue to order new Pegasus shoes as the old ones wear out and new ones are released. I treat my Merrell Moab Ventilators the same way. It is helpful to know these things about the products you rely on, so that you know that whatever sizes you’re ordering are going to fit well without having to go to the store to try them on. Ultimately, these automations and productivity hacks save gas, save time, and allow you to spend your time doing the things you really want to do — like being productive and accomplishing those life goals!


  • Online services such as Amazon Prime and Blue Apron make it easier to cut trips to the store and standing in lines out of your life
  • Save time by buying from the same brands

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