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Network flow analysis & DPI | Grovf WireHex Applications


Solution overview

Solution architecture

  1. IP-Core of WireHex implemented on a NIC FPGA custom chip.
  2. Host drivers which interact with DPI configuration and data logging to the database.
  3. Client interface with charts, graphs, and other monitoring details.
WireHex System Architecture

Use Cases

Network flow analysis

Network Analyzer and Anomaly Detection: GUI examples

Deep packet inspection

Key benefits

  1. DPI and Network Monitoring at 100Gbps with a single Network Card.
  2. L2 — L7 payload checking with 20 000 simultaneous rules.
  3. Packet filtering with the user regexp rules.
  4. Two-way network transparent mode.
  5. Integration with Elasticsearch and Kibana for data analytics.
  6. 100K footprints matching
  7. Support for various protocol encapsulation




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