Hello Computer

Nina Wei
Nina Wei
Jun 9, 2017 · 3 min read

Both for work and personal interest, I watched almost every video about Amazon Echo and Google Home on YouTube last week. I had fun and also learned a lot. Then I told a story with my colleagues. I’d like to share with you as well. Hope you’ll like it.

Let’s go back to 30 years go.

We tried to talk to computers. But…

Now, the dream comes true.

We are talking to computers, like talking to human.

Sometimes, we get mad at computers.

When the computer does not listen to us, we try hard and get really mad.

But sometimes, we have feelings for the computer, we say “I love you”.

But sometimes, like we tell our kids do not talk to strangers, we tell them do not talk to computers. Because…

You probably do not want your kids to buy you a house as well.

What if the computers start to talk with each other not just with you?

For real?

Are you afraid?

Or, you still like talking to computers?

We laugh, we love, we get mad, we are surprised, we have so many emotions with the computer.

Who are you really talking to?


Computer? What is computer?


What is human?

Project Graham (left), Joey Chaos from Hanson Robotics (right)

Maybe we are computers ourselves.

Maybe our life are just data.

Are we really “talking” with computers?

Do we really need to “talk” to computers?

How can a human-computer conversation be really conversational?

How should computers speak differently with kids (or different people)?

Does computers have gender, personality and emotion?

What is the future of our relationship with computers?

I’ll leave the questions for you! If you like my story, please recommend. If you are interested in exchanging some thoughts. Let me know :) More than happy to talk, real talk.

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Nina Wei

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Nina Wei

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grow as a designer

Thoughts around design and product from Nina Wei

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