July 3 — prototyping root pruning cloth pot

I am prototyping a root pruning cloth pot. These should be easy to drop ship if they work out, so I sewed two and shipped one to Alex for testing. However, I think I will need to add a self wicking bottom with 100% poly gabardine fabric (the stuff I used for my cloth plant bags) to make it even more useful.

Slowly receiving parts in the mail from China for my LED prototype… very exciting!

Also my good friend Artur bought me this shanzai phone from Shenzhen, one of the mass manufacturing capitals of the world (especially for electronics). He got this thing for $20 and it is dual sim. Plus it’s shaped like a Porsche! Artur said that the Ferrari shaped phone was even more expensive (more than the cash he had), so he didn’t get it.

I’m hoping to get a 10 year business visa in time for the Noisebridge annual China visit in October, by having a reasonable manufacturing spec and being in touch with factories, so that a factory can give me a letter for the visa. I hope I get it all ready in time!