July 5 — Figuring out drop ship packaging, veggie update

I bought a wooden dowel to start rolling my blackout kits to fit into the mailing tubes. I was writing thank you notes for each one but I need a better solution for this! I could write thank you notes for all of them right now since I don’t have too many (~50), but I think for the future I’ll order a custom stamp so that I can just stamp my thank you notes.

My arugula bolted! :( It tastes terribly bitter and isn’t good for eating anymore. You’re not supposed to grow them in full sun (which is what a full grow bucket emulates). Maybe I’ll try with just 2 lightbulbs next time or something.

My carrot is growing so tall that the lightbulbs are burning the tips. I used one of my low stress training grids to get it to grow shorter.