March 17 — Duct Tape vs Paint vs Vinyl

Duct Tape vs Paint vs Vinyl: Vinyl wins!!

Last night I finalized my sourcing except for buckets! Also I still have to buy bolts and nuts, but I think I’m just going to source those from Discount Builder Supply. There are gonna be extra shipping costs and taxes but this is what I have right now. Also it’s possible that sellers will flake out or the shipping wont arrive in time and I won’t have kits for Maker Faire.

I actually decided to buy the extra 6ft cord so that people can have the freedom to place their buckets up to 6 feet away from their power outlet. So my underestimated cost is $32.26 for parts.

I was looking really hard into storage options the other day too. Currently I don’t have a roommate but if I get one I’ll have to move all my lightbulbs and other parts.

I also bought a pressure hose today, so I can clean buckets faster. I picked up two free buckets from Rainbow Grocery. Maybe I should stop by there every day to see if they have buckets.