September 26 — disassembling kits

I need to move apartments, and there’s no room in the new place to keep all my buckets and hardware. Here are some numbers

$3000 spent on this project

parts bought for 100 kits

160 buckets sourced, 80 of which were a non standard size for which i could not find lids

44 kits manufactured

7 kits sold

It’s pretty clear to me that either there isn’t market validation (this is what Tom Jenner from the Hands On Complexity electrical lighting guides told me), or whatever needs to be done to market this thing correctly isn’t within my capabilities.

I suppose I’ve limited myself with refusing to ship the kits, because I don’t want them to be more expensive than the cost of buying the materials and doing it by yourself. Also the kit is very DIY (uses repurposed buckets from local bakeries) and not a traditional commercial product.

Robin kindly helped me take apart the remaining 37 kits.

I donated the hardware to Noisebridge for people to take for free (donations to Noisebridge welcome), and I arranged for the buckets to be dropped off at the El Cerrito recycling center, which is the nearest recycling center that takes hard plastics. I used the Lugg app to hire people to help me move things, which ended up costing about $600 total for the two trips.

Robin being very supportive
Hardware ready to move to Noisebridge
Free hardware at Noisebridge!