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Meditate-Daily | 00–008

Questions to meditate over

What do I want to do on a regular basis?

What feeling /thought precedes the moment I usually quit?

Where do I need more consistency in my life?


Man nothing is so hard for me like being consistent. Every day has its suprises and I somehow make my mental state dependable on them. I need to become more consistent in searching God and trusting him, when shit hits my life. I need to be more consistent with myself, using my time instead of wasting it. I need to be more consisent with my fellow human beings and draw clear lines of what is okay and what isn’t. To prosper in life you will have to do the important things on a consistent basis or time and circumstances will swallow you. Therefor make it a habit to take breaks and refill your energy reservoirs. Most importantly, be consistent with your patience.

Every day is a present for you to open and explore. Get curious and never forget, that you are deeply loved and needed in this world. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine and help others with your unique gifts and talents. Remember to have fun along the way.

Have a blessed day and an amazing life!




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