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Meditate-Daily | 00–006

What do I focus right now and why?

What is my goal with what I’m about to do?

My goal is to be a […] so I my priority is to do […]!

Thoughts on INTENSION

Everythiung you do should be defined with a clear intension in mind. Why? Because the world can get loud. Other voices might come to your mind and they will confuse and upset you. To ignore them the best way possible, you need to have an own, strong intension to push through all the bullshit that comes your way.

Every day is a present for you to open and explore. Get curious and never forget, that you are deeply loved and needed in this world. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine and help others with your unique gifts and talents. Remember to have fun along the way.

Have a blessed day and an amazing life!




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