How to Elevate the Customer Experience to Get to the Top

Small businesses are constantly seeking savvier ways to outdo the competition. And in today’s “Age of the Customer” companies that put customer experience first are the ones that are getting to the top faster. In fact, 70% of high-performing small business service teams say they feel completely empowered to make customers happy. Similarly, high-performing small business sales teams are more likely to be outstanding/very good at creating customer experiences across a wide range of touchpoints.

So, how can you empower your sales and customer service reps to be able to elevate the customer experience, creating lasting relationships that help your company grow? This infographic below highlights strategies that high-performing small business teams are using to get ahead. We based it on insights gathered from over 3,800 thought leaders in the new Benchmarks for Small Business report.

Read the full SMB Benchmark report here

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