Is Your Uninspiring Office Culture Ruining Business?

By Erin Sherbert

Nothing sets the tone of your business more than your office culture. Think about it: If your employees are stifled, unappreciated, or worse — completely bored — then you can bet that will trickle down to your bottom line.

So how can you, as the leader of your growing company, foster an environment that makes people want to get up in the morning and go to work? We reached out to some small business founders, CEOs, and researchers to get their best advice on what small-to-medium businesses can do to keep up the energy at work as they grow.

We took their inspiring insights and packaged them into this fun interactive experience that we hope empowers, inspires, and gives you that push to try something new today — just for fun.

Here’s a preview of the tips you’ll get in our interactive experience.

1. Define your culture: Are you the kind of company that always has your fridge full of craft beer? Or are you more of a “questionable leftovers” type?

2. Articulate your values: Everyone should know what the company stands for. Create a short list of values (no more than three to four) that will define everyone’s principal beliefs moving forward. Simplus, a 3-year-old Salesforce development and consulting firm with 65 employees, has three core values: “We’re underdogs. Critical thinkers. Accountable,” says founder and CEO Ryan Westwood. “In our interview process and everything we do, we are all about those things.”

3. Allow employees to take some risk — and to fail: In companies where failures are punished, employees will spend an incredible amount of energy blaming others or hiding their own errors. That wastes time and discourages innovation. Click here to get some ideas on how to create an environment where it’s okay to try something new, and it’s okay to fail from time to time.

Want to know more about how to maintain a dynamic office culture? Keep exploring here.

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