Small Business Spotlight: Keeping Websites About People Instead of Technology

With Mediacurrent’s Paul Chason, Dave Terry, and Josh Linard

Mediacurrent helps businesses build impactful Drupal websites. Their services range from development, design, digital strategy and training. They were recently acquired by Code and Theory, an independent creative agency specializing in product, content, and campaigns that span the physical and digital worlds. The integration of the two companies uniquely positions Mediacurrent in the Drupal ecosystem and adds tremendous value to clients. We spoke with the company’s two founders, Paul Chason and Dave Terry, and VP of Sales, Josh Linard, on website evolution and leveraging website activity to drive leads.

1. How did Mediacurrent get started?

Paul Chason had started a freelance web design business in 2004. After three years, he reached a point where he had to decide if he wanted to grow the business or keep freelancing. At the time, there was a shift going on in the web design space. More clients wanted the ability to update their website without having to call a programmer. He knew about Drupal and was interested in building a business specifically for this. Drupal wasn’t well-known at this point, but it had enterprise capability. He partnered with Dave Terry, and Mediacurrent was formed in 2007. Paul did the programming, and Dave worked on peddling the product.

2. What is your approach to customer service?

We tell our team that we’re in the relationship business, we’re in the people business. We use technology to affect communication. We’re technologists by trade, but ultimately it’s about working with people and delivering solutions to solve their problems.

3. What are some of the challenges Mediacurrent has seen in web development and design over the years?

The level of complexity of the average web project has exponentially increased, compared to 10 years ago. Marketing spend has shifted to digital. Coming up with unique solutions for each client’s problems is not an easy task. There is a big demand for a solution that connects various business applications together — advertising, PR, social, call centers, etc. Suddenly, you have a melting pot of providers, without any digital infrastructure in place to put it all together. We focus on making sure that prospects and customers understand what we have to do to do our job right; it’s about peeling back complexity and helping to marry all of these different technologies that are typically driving a company’s marketing efforts.

4. Salesforce recently recognized Mediacurrent as a thought leader due to your innovations in marketing automation and lead generation. How are you using the product suite to drive success?

Yes, we recently acquired Salesforce’s Best Overall SMB Award. At Mediacurrent, Sales Cloud and Pardot are integrated well to score and capture our website activity in order to build up a contact and opportunity repository. We’re constantly trying to improve our qualified leads and outbound leads. Since implementing Pardot and Sales Cloud, defining our content strategy, and creating a lead scoring/grading model, Mediacurrent has experienced a 53% increase in organic searching through a computer, which meant more white paper and e-book downloads. This is a 129% year-over-year growth in content conversions for us. We’ve seen a 40% increase in our overall email subscribers. Our efforts have led to a 23% increase in leads assigned to the sales team. Also, the velocity of our close rates has really ramped: we’re closing on 55% of our viable leads.

5. What advice do you have for other SMB executives?

Make sure you have a crystal-clear long-term vision. Understand that it will change and evolve over time, and don’t get lost in the day-to-day operations.

6. What’s next for Mediacurrent?

We want to expand on our success and expand on different Salesforce solutions. We want to scale our digital strategy team, work our way into the e-commerce space, and bring tighter integrations of our tech systems to enterprise. We’re always looking for ways to present our offerings in a more tangible fashion. We’re exploring international markets and looking into services we can offer on the marketing analytics side. And mobile app development is on the radar; we want to pitch and adjust all opportunities that mobile provides us with.

Meet the team:

L: Paul Chason, M: Dave Terry, R: Josh Linard

Paul Chason is the Managing Partner at Mediacurrent, managing the company’s operations and playing roles in sales, infrastructure, technology and marketing. Paul is a rarity in the web industry. With a distinct blend of creative design skills, advanced programming chops, and deep project management experience, Paul has drawn upon his rich Internet knowledge to lead and grow Mediacurrent into a premier Drupal agency.

Dave Terry is a Partner and the Co-founder of Mediacurrent. He has a wide acumen of business and entrepreneurial experience. At Mediacurrent, he oversees and works in a variety of operational related positions. Dave has played a key role in forging strategic partnerships, developing efficient processes, recruiting top talent, and the acquisition and management of enterprise-level accounts. Dave’s most important responsibility is ensuring that Mediacurrent always exceeds client expectations.

As the Vice President of Sales, Josh Linard drives ROI and integrated, cross-functional benefits for Mediacurrent’s clients and partners, using 18 years of experience in web-based technology assessment, application development and integration, and digital strategy. Josh’s industry expertise includes education, energy, financial, healthcare, media, manufacturing, non-profit, retail, software and telecommunications.

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