This Week in Small Business: Recreational Reading

By Kim Honjo

It’s a holiday weekend here in the US, so let’s kick back and have a little fun. After all, running a small business is lots of hard work, but even a small business owner can kick back and enjoy the long weekend. It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week, but I generally stuck to small biz stories relating to relaxing, recreation, and entertainment. We look at how to get the most out of Dreamforce, get advice from a dating site, and even see where a Shark is venturing. Read on!

  • No seriously, stop and take a breather every once in awhile! Work-life balance is not a system of counting hours or focus. It’s a way to help you ensure that both your work and personal priorities are being met. This article from Sujan Patel outlines 12 habits to adopt to bring about better balance in your life. [via Entrepreneur]
  • High-profile Shark Mark Cuban has decided to invest in e-sports startup Unikrn (pronounced “unicorn”). The e-sports industry is growing leaps and bounds, and while Unikrn is hardly the first company treading into this new market, it’s focusing on a new dimension: letting consumers bet real money on video game outcomes. What do you think of e-sports? [via Inc.]
  • You might have heard that Salesforce puts on big event called Dreamforce every year. It’s a way for you to connect with thought leaders, industry leaders, and thousands of your peers to gather together for a week of idea sharing and a lot of fun. I think you’ll find that Dreamforce will have a lot of content specifically tailored to you, with your industry, role, and company size in mind. Check out our post on 5 Dreamforce Tips for Small Businesses. [via Medium]
  • There will be a lot of mileage clocked this 4th of July weekend here in the US. One group of LA drivers wants to make the road a more positive place. They’ve designed a gadget called MotorMood, where drivers can push a button and light up a smiley face on his/her rear window. An antidote to road rage at the push of a button? In the age of video chatting and communication, the inventors hope to connect people in the next lane over. [via Fast Company]
  • Think about some of your favorite blogs. (Hopefully one of them is ours?!) But why do you like them? Do they offer you interesting content? Business insights? Are they fun to read? Your own company’s blog can be just as relatable and interesting. We know that that as a small business, there is pressure to use a blogging platform to promote your products and services, but you can also create non-promotional, engaging content to help people discover who you are and what you do. Read up on what your business can learn from dating site, OK Cupid. [via Medium]
  • I know a lot of you probably harbor secret desires of starting your own brewery or distillery. Before you do, take a quick look at this article giving you the legal lowdown on getting into the craft alcoholic beverage industry. Cheers! [via Entrepreneur]

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