This Week in Small Business: Are You a Productivity Powerhouse?

By Kim Honjo

Some days you’re able to look back and feel satisfied at all you’ve accomplished. On other days, you leave work wondering what you did all day long. Most workers would probably prefer the first scenario. Productivity is the focus of this week’s small business news. We saw all kinds of helpful, encouraging stories this week. Whether it’s motivating a struggling employee or figuring out how to choose a software partner, you’re bound to pick up a few tips. Read on!

  • Technology: time saver or time suck? Without a doubt, technology has been hugely beneficial to our lives, but sometimes it can be a complete distraction. Between checking Facebook, responding to emails, and looking at phone alerts, it’s a wonder that we can get actual work done. In his post, Adam Callinan shares 5 ideas for staying focused while working online. [via Entrepreneur]
  • Mediacurrent may help businesses build beautiful websites, but they’re in the relationship business first and foremost. Salesforce spoke to Mediacurrent’s team about the importance of having a long-term vision, and about how they’ve managed closing on a sweet 55% of all viable leads. [via Medium]
  • When you’re operating a small business, you know that all employees make a difference. Most entrepreneurs are optimistic about their employees’ potential, but what if some of them are underperforming? A good leader should be able to assess and motivate good performance. Here are 5 tips to help those who are struggling get back on track. [via Inc.]
  • Buying software for your business can be a super stressful time period. There’s so many options and so much fear that you’ll get it wrong. Let’s not even begin to think about the implementation, integration, upgrades and scaling….ugh. Don’t panic. We’ve got some great tips to help you determine if you’re partnering with the right vendor. [via Medium]
  • Business travel can open up exciting new opportunities for your business, however seasoned road warriors can tell you that it can be a drain on your productivity. Jetlag, sleep deprivation, connection issues — the list goes on. Read up on a few key tips for getting more done when you travel. [via Inc.]
  • Bonus: You might have noticed that we have a new small business specific e-book out: 5 Productivity Tips Every Small Business Needs to Know. If you’re curious and want to learn more, click here to read the full post on what’s in the e-book. If you’ve already decided, “Yup, this sounds like something I’d like to read”, click below to download your free copy.
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