This Week in Small Business: Easy as CRM

By Kim Honjo

At Salesforce, we talk with a lot of entrepreneurs and small business leadership, both our customers and non-customers. We often hear that small businesses don’t know how a CRM can help their business grow or that they’re not big enough to have one. This week, we decided to focus on CRMs and automation, sharing how other small businesses are leveraging the technology, and on helping you to decipher if your business could benefit from a helping hand.

CRM Works Exactly Like Kids’ Building Blocks

Recently, we spoke with Jessica Heffernan, VP of Marketing at Echo Engineering and Production Supplies, who explained how CRM is just like playing with Legos. “As you continue to build upon it and put all the pieces together, you and everyone around you can see what progress you’ve made and how close you are to finishing it.” Heffernan offers up three great tips for a killer sales strategy and some great advice for all professionals. [via Medium]

4 Super Smart CRM Features Small Businesses Will Love

Lightning is an intelligent CRM application with a point of view, not just a database full of customer and prospect info. There are many smart features that small businesses can leverage to sell smarter, faster and however you want. Check out these new features and start using them today. [via Salesforce]

3 Signs It’s Time to Automate

Some things can’t be avoided, but they can be automated, allowing more time in your day to do things that matter. Adam Fridman discusses how to tell if you need automation in your life. Do any of these signs apply to you? [via Inc]

Here’s One App Every Small Business Leader Should Have

Renewable energy is a competitive market to break into since many entrepreneurs like things are both green and lucrative. This week, we spoke with Chris Gosline, Managing Director at the renewable energy firm Bluewave. He shares his top app pick for small business executives and what he believes will be the next big thing in renewable energy. [via Medium]

Technology You Bought But Won’t Learn to Use Is Money Wasted

Are you getting the most out of your technology? In his article, Gene Marks talks about how while many of us use widely available solutions to work everyday, we’re probably using only about 10–20% of its potential. He reminds small businesses that with the right kind of effort and investment in learning how to use tools to their full potential, businesses could be making a lot more money and employees would be more productive. [via Entrepreneur]

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