This Week in Small Business: Marketing Marvels

By Kim Honjo

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays just around the corner, many businesses are focusing on delivering a strong Q4. Marketing is a big part of that process, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of marketing articles being published right now. This week, we look at how ‘social proof’ works to attract audiences, and how app store optimization drives more downloads. We show you a perfect day at the Salesforce World Tour New York, and even give you some tips to get a jump on 2016. Read on!

Get Ready to Kick Off 2016 With These Marketing Tips

2016 is just around the corner, so it’s not too soon to start thinking about next year’s marketing strategy. Especially at smaller companies, resources and budgets need to be allocated in advance so there are less headaches down the road. Implement a few of these marketing tips now to kick off 2016 with a bang. [via Medium]

How to Use the Power of ‘Social Proof’ to Attract Customers

Want to push people towards conversion? Incorporating social proof into your marketing plan could be a strong move for you. Social proof is when people see other people taking an action and benefiting from it, they’ll tend to take the same action as well. It’s the same concept behind things going viral online. Read more about the psychology behind social proof and how you can use it to attract customers. [via Inc.]

A Perfect Day for Small and Medium Businesses at the NYC World Tour

Salesforce World Tour New York is almost here, and there will be a lot of great things in store for small and medium businesses. Stumped on what to do there? This post guides you towards a perfect day at the world tour. Check it out! [via Medium]

App store optimization can double or even triple mobile app installs (research)

New research from VentureBeat shows that mobile app installs can double or triple when optimized for app stores. Mobile marketers can influence organic search by implementing some best practices for app store optimization. While organic doesn’t necessarily mean “free,” it’s a slightly more inexpensive route than paid installs. Click through to read more about the research. [via VentureBeat]

How to Make Your Retail Business Stand Out With Awesome Customer Service

Anthony Soohoo, Co-founder and CEO at Dot & Bo knows the importance of customer service for a retailer. Beyond answering questions, Soohoo believes that customer service should work on building relationships with customers. As a furniture retail startup, he envisions helping consumers better understand and explore their personal styles through an engaging narrative experience. [via Medium]

This Crazy Simple Trick Will Make Your Presentations More Powerful

Typical meeting attendees only retain about 5% of the presentation. Get listeners to retain more by inserting verbal and visual “flags” to the parts of your presentation that drive toward the decision you want made. [via Inc.]

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