When life flips you the bird

Switchers, hoppers and everything in between.

Why are you not cut out for the corporate world and why you would not strive in it?

I’m a millenial. Most Gen Xers would call us “lazy”, “privileged”, “born with a silver spoon up our…”, etc.

That is true, to some degree.

Many millenials are like that; but come to think about it, so are many Gen Xers, some baby boomers and more.

Most inventors and innovators were oddballs that society just put on the fringe of either the corporate or academic world. So why should you be any different?

There are two types of job hoppers:

1. Lazy people who aren’t smart enough to look busy
2. People who can’t blossom working for someone else

There’s a huge difference between people who know it all and the ones that are convinced that they really know it all. It takes no more than 30 seconds to find out if one is part of the former and one is part of the latter.

I see all kinds of stories circulating about how to crack the job interview and what to answer and what not.

It’s all bullshit. You can follow the rulebook and not pass the interview and can decide not to follow it and get the job.


Because most recruiters fail to understand one thing — not all recruiting managers think alike.

Some have a VP position because they need to pay bills, some have that position to put money on the side for their own ventures. You have no idea who’s sitting behind that desk and you have no idea if that person would be conducting the interview or not.

Often times where you are to be interviewed by the recruiting manager you end up being interviewed by the HR person.

Most HR people don’t know what they’re talking about. They live by theories written by babyboomers regarding Gen Xers; stuff that is completely irrelevant to both cohorts of Millenials.

The problem is not whether you understand Millenials or not but predicting the future; the oldest of Millenials have already reached 36 — within a decade they will be replacing most personnel in most Fortune 1000 companies.

Today’s employment world is based on someone who has the audacity to approach a CEO of a company online and ask for an interview, rather than sending CV blindly or apply via some recruitment agency — it doesn’t work that way anymore.

My generation is full of very young millionnaires and billionnaires, Youtube and Instagram personalities and more — these people answer to no one but themselves. They might be “lazy” in your eyes because they don’t sit in a car in traffic for an hour and a half every morning, working 12 hours a day just so the boss’s son could pay them as stingly as possible.

It’s over, hardly anyone works that way anymore.

Some employers of older generations understood that, such as Richard Branson who gives unlimited time off to his employees just to keep them happy.

I am not saying that what Millenials are looking for is unlimited time off, they just have different ideals and standards — that’s it.

If you hop between jobs it’s because of three reasons:

1. You get bored at what you do and you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place
2. You don’t do or don’t act the way you are expected to and get kicked out
3. You don’t have tenure (which hardly exists today anyway) and you get kicked out

These reasons lead to the same conclusion — you are not cut out for the corporate world and you should be running your own business.

What kind of business? Depends on your dreams.

Just because you are not seasoned in corporate politics and brown nosing, doesn’t mean you can’t found a Fortune 500 company.

If you find yourself switching jobs twice-three times in one year, then perhaps it’s time to meditate a little and reflect upon your future.

It could very well be that you are also incompetant and would spend your life chasing jobs, but most incompetant people wouldn’t be on Linkedin reading my rant here.

Do yourself a favor — stop listening to your parents; their hardships are not necessarily your hardships. They could give you sound advice on very abstract things such as raising kids and looking for coupons, but they have no idea how today’s employment world works and can hardly understand what social media marketing is, let alone how someone can make money reviewing games on Youtube.

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