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The Fractional Ownership Plans (FOI) are here (in our quest for housing for students on campuses and people in prime and traffic areas in need of space).

This opportunity will ONLY be available till the end of July 2021 (or if the slots are all taken before this time) as we’re launching in September 2021. MyFund will guarantee all ROI every six months (or annually) depending on your plan.

Choose from any of the FOI plans to earn continuous passive income (or refer to those who need this to earn a commission):

Regular Plan (BASIC)

Invest 60000/slot ✔️
*earn up to 15% ROI.
*Earnings are paid out every 6 months.
This is what you have by default for using MyFund. Simply log in and invest.

Long term FOI Plans


Sponsor with N5million/slot ✔️
*Earn N1m passive/rental income
*Earnings are paid out annually for 10 years.


Sponsor with N2.5million/slot ✔️
*Earn N500000 passive/rental income
*Earnings are paid out annually for 10 Years
*with DOA

Lifetime FOI Plans — limited

Own with N5million/slot ✔️
*Earn N350000 passive/rental income
*Earnings are paid out annually for life.
*with DOA

4. PREMIUM-2.5

Own with N2.5million/slot ✔️
*Earn N175000 passive/rental income
*Earnings are paid out annually for life.
*with DOA

Procedure for the Basic Plan
1. Sign up or Log in to your account.
2. And click INVEST

Procedure for the FOI Plans
1. Click here to select one of the FOI plans. Or
2. Send a mail to about your plan of interest Or
3. WhatsApp Admin directly to guide you through the process.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will be given the Deed of Agreement (DOA). For more info on the FOI plans, read the Frequently Asked Questions here




“The best investors are Time Investors. Those who know how to leverage a factor that cannot be reasoned or bargained with for returns — time.” — Tolulope Ahmed

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