5 Commonly Asked Questions on Growing Instagram

Some questions that often get asked when growing on Instagram are: what is fast growth? What can I expect? And what do I have to do? How often should I post? When should I post? The growth of each Instagram page really varies depending on the niche, how well you are managing your page, and a variety of other factors. I will cover these commonly asked questions below.

  1. What is Fast Growth?
    A lot of people wonder on Instagram if they are growing at a fast rate or if they are growing stagnant in their growth. This is a good question because you might see some followers following you one day and think that your growth is amazing while on other days you don’t see any new followers and get discouraged. A good way to track your growth is using the websitesocialblade.com. Just go to the website and on the top right search bar, click so that you are on Instagram and search for your username. Your stats of how many followers you are gaining, following, and how many posts you are posting each day should show up. Go to the “Detailed Stats” tab to see more of your stats.
  2. What Can I Expect?
    When people get onto Instagram, they want to grow quick but growing your Instagram page is like growing a tree. It takes time, consistency, and patience. When first growing your Instagram page, you might not get but a couple of new followers each day. But after you hit the 10k followers mark, you should see more quick growth. If you are growing by a hundred or more each day, that is decent amount of growth. If you grow by the hundreds each day, then that is a good growth with a good momentum.
  3. What Do I Have to Do?
    So before you even start posting, you need to identify who your target audience is. If you are trying to build a puppy page to sell puppy products, you need to identify what that audience will like and engage with. Content is king and you need to know what kind of posts will attract the type of audience that you want. Take a look at some big pages in your niche to see their posting strategies and try to imitate and make it better. You want to be unique on Instagram to stand out from the rest so try to have a unique twist to your page. And you want to collaborate with other pages in your niche by reaching out and asking to do shoutouts for each other so that you will gain more exposure for your page. You can even reach out to bigger pages and ask for paid promotions, where a bigger page shouts out your account in their post in return for money.
  4. How Often Should I Post?
    I know many people have other things to do than just post Instagram photos all day, but posting consistently is key for your growth. Some people post a couple times a day or they post consistently for a week or two but stop. You need to be consistently posting everyday at least once or twice a day to keep your momentum going. Try to see your growth on socialblade.com after posting just once or twice a day compared to posting five to seven times a day. And set a schedule for when you will be posting, once after breakfast, once after lunch, and once after dinner. That makes it easy for you to get into the rhythm of posting consistently each day. You can also have someone else post for you every hour or every couple of hours if you have all your posts lined up.
  5. When Should I Post?
    There are certain times during the day when your engagement on your posts will be better than other times. To find these times of best engagement, go to iconosquare.com and see when your engagement is best. You can also track some analytics of your page on that website. Also, the weekends are typically good times to post because people have more time to be on Instagram and scroll through their feed. Test your posts, try out when it seems to get the best engagement, and experiment with your page to see when you should be posting.

Knowing when to post, tracking your growth, and growing your Instagram are all important but it all comes down to three major principles: post unique and awesome content, be consistent, and network with other influencers in your niche so you can collaborate and work together. Don’t focus too much on the technicalities of posting and focus more on producing awesome content that will engage your audience, provide value, and be consistent about posting and networking with others. Instagram is a long-term game and you need to just learn to grow one gram at a time.