Living out Your Passion with Instagram and Periscope Influencer Benny Esco

I interviewed Benny Esco who runs the Instagram page @bennyesco11 and he shared with me his story into entrepreneurship and journey into social media. In the interview you’ll hear below, Benny shared some personal things into his background such as having grown up in neighborhood and family where gangs and violence were common. He described how all these things contributed to his life going down into a downward spiral where he realized after he watched the movie The Secret that he either needed to change his life now or it will end up in his death.

Benny then began to get into self-development and business rather than living in his former gang-related life. He began to realize the power of changing your mindset, your thoughts, and saw the changes in his life as well. He wanted to help others do the same and he heard how you can reach a mass audience using social media so he changed his personal Instagram account into a motivational, inspirational Instagram account. He eventually founded his own group called the Globalshift Movement where his goal is to inspire 1 billion people to find their passion and live life to their fullest potential.

He shared some ways he was able to grow his account in several ways. He shared how you need to be passionate about what you’re sharing and posting on social media, be consistent on sharing on your social media platforms, ask for support from like-minded people who are on your platform, join a community or group that has other accounts like yours to support each other in each other’s growth, and utilize paid shoutouts from bigger pages to grow your page more quickly. Listen below to find out more about Benny’s story and his journey into social media and entrepreneurship.

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In the interview, Benny shared some useful apps and tools to use such as Phonto, Wordswag, Rhonna, Socialblade, and Iconosquare if you want to check them out and remember you can find Benny on Instagram here and Periscope here. You can also join his Globalshift Movement here.

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