Want to Buy Instagram Likes? This is What Happens When You Do

‘Everybody does it! Don’t they? So, it is safe then! …Or is it?’

Gaining a quick popularity on the Instagram is a bait that people mostly fall for. When you decide to purchase a bunch of likes, and boom — you have been just sucked into this shady loop of popularity.

Why shady? Instagram doesn’t encourage such kind of fame. They have been alerted of such practices and have taken action to curb this activity. However, that’s just a jump-cut scene to the whole picture.

Although, you can buy Instagram likes — you should be aware of what lies ahead with the decision you take. We are going to tell you the entire storyline of why buying likes on Instagram will put your account at risk.

Why people buy likes

One might say that the people who use such unethical way to popularity might not have faith in their own doing. It is valid to some extent, but there is more to the picture. If you know the term ‘mass opinion influences individual opinion,’ then this is what people who buy Instagram likes aim to do. By making a grand picture of popularity, they are hoping that individuals who look at these numbers will be less critical to their work or brand. “If many people are following a celebrity, brand, an influencer or anything, then there would be something worthwhile in what they are pushing.”

People who buy likes on Instagram are aiming to get the opinion of other people and give themselves a chance to be seen and explored by the masses. Those fake likes might impress the individuals, and the brand might get an opportunity to snowball their popularity like that.

However, not all stories end this way. Many don’t even find a beginning like that. We’ll tell you the exact problem when you get likes on Instagram this way. If you fret after reading that, don’t worry. We will tell you the solution to it as well.

Why You Should Never Buy Instagram Likes

1. Fake likes gives You no engagement

If you are an artist, a corporation, a celebrity or any title you want to be recognized with, fake likes don’t do anything for you. When you buy Instagram likes, you are paying for your own fame. When the money runs out, who is going to catch you when you fall?

The empire made of paper soldiers will be blown away with a gust of wind. An excellent account of a public figure is always supported by an army of fans. However, if you have to buy that support, it loses its core meaning and function.

You will also not get to know who your real followers are and who are not. You might even start expecting those fake likes to generate genuine admiration for your art, campaign or brand but then, this is far from the truth.

You wouldn’t be able to gauge your success rate and would be under the illusion of success through fake upvotes. Hence, that is signing up for heartbreak in the long run.

2. It comes with spam comments

Although you might have signed up to get likes on Instagram through this illegal method — it is important for you to know that this might also come with a series of spam comments that can be inappropriate for your content. Some comments can be very generic and might even be mismatched with a post.

For example, someone commenting ‘nice’ on your post to convey your condolence to a friend would look inappropriate. This is one of the most decent yet true examples. There are other such spam accounts, which posts comments that are vulgar to read. You wouldn’t want your brand to be associated with it.

No doubt! It definitely looks great to have hundreds and thousands of likes but when genuine people start to browse your content, they will surely notice the mismatch. Hence, this might not leave a good impression of you.

3. Detecting buing likes activity is easy

On top of that, people will start to question your credibility as well. If you are planning to be an influencer, it is okay to have a few followers than a lot. Sponsors are mostly looking for the genuine fan following that they can push their sales too.

If a sponsor comes to your Instagram page and observes that there is a mismatch of engagement versus the number of likes, they’d drop you. A good Instagram profile has a minimum of 8% engagement rate. Anything lower than that would reveal your ‘Instagram Hack.’

Even the people who are slightly impressed by your content will turn back with a negative opinion about you. This is definitely not how you would want to set your base. Numbers may look attractive, but it is the engagement that counts.

4. Buying likes don’t get you money

As we have already cleared in our previous point –if you buy Instagram likes, you will not get sponsorship. On Instagram, sponsorship and advertisements are the main sources of earning. Hence, buying Instagram likes will only create a loop where only you will be the one spending.

You might be thinking that having a decent number of followers would be okay to make yourself look cool. But if you are under the illusion that those profiles who have liked your post will buy things from you, then you are gravely mistaken.

There is only one thing that is guaranteed –only genuine followers with the money will buy items that you advertise! The rest of them who are for the show will do nothing more than that. So, it is essential to engage your audience for better feedback and response.

5. You are risking losing your account

Most importantly, buying Instagram likes could lead to a closure of your account. It is crucial to know that Instagram is keeping an eye on such illegal activities. Also, people have the power to report your profile as spam. If various people start reporting your post or your profile as spam, Instagram will delete your profile.

Also, Instagram has started with its hunt to clear all fake accounts, which usher such activities in silence. Slowly but steadily, Instagram is getting better at figuring out which profiles buy Instagram likes and which profiles are genuine. You will be given a warning or in some cases, cut without notice. This would mean all the money that you invested in running your profile will go in vain. The likes you bought will only counteract with the aim you have for Insta-famous success. So, do you still think, it is worth it?

Alternatives to buying Instagram likes

Now, the main question that might arise in your mind would ‘Can I increase my Instagram likes without buying it? Or ‘Can I be successful on Instagram without buying Instagram likes?’ 
Now, with so many people competing, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get through the cut-throat competition in the online world.

The world appreciates originality and novelty. If you can bring together these two ingredients, you will surely get the reach that you desire.

The truth is that there is always space for everyone. You only have to figure out what makes you unique in the market. The world appreciates originality and novelty. If you can bring together these two ingredients, you will surely get the reach that you desire. You can combat the problem with organic followers. This is how you can make it happen for yourself:

1. Focus on The Theme Of Your brand

What do you want to show to the world that is unique or rare? How do you want to show it to the world? What are the aesthetics, logistics, and budget that goes behind it all? You will need to think about all of it before you start. However, do not let this hinder you from starting now! Start anyway and figure this as you go.

2. Interact with Your Followers

This means you can leave a reply to their comments, ask them about their opinion in the comment section, go live on Instagram, etc. You can even create content that answers all of their queries if answering each of the comment would consume more of your time.

3. Engage Them in Your Content

You can gauge their response and respond to their need. You can also encourage your followers to submit entries with a hashtag that goes along with it. You should also consider organizing competitions and free giveaways to lucky winners as well. Engaging them will always keep them interested.

4. Take your hashtag game to the next level!

When trying to get organic likes, it is essential to follow the best hashtag practices. It is highly recommended that you use at least 11–12 hashtags per post. This will boost your reach on Instagram. Make sure you are looking at relevant hashtags that go along with your posts. Otherwise, people will stop taking you and your content seriously. Search the trending hashtags of the week then, you can formulate your content accordingly as well. No need to buy Instagram likes now!

5. Collaborate with other influencers

This will be mixing two or more sets of audience together. By collaborating with other influencers, you would be increasing your reach to people outside of your set audience. This will also help the other influencer get some reach as well. Hence, this is a win-win situation for one and all!

6. Promote your content across all social media platforms

Make an account everywhere and promote your content! This will get you the eyeballs and clicks from every possible social media platform. Make sure you are on the trending ones and promote it the best way possible while redirecting them to your Instagram page.

7. Leverage help of growth agency

Growth agency like Hypegrowth is a great way to speed the things up — you can get a headstart in your Instagram marketing efforts without causing a trouble.

Final note

Conclusively, when you grow your Instagram page organically, you would be playing on the safe side. Of course, it will take some time to grow and a lot of hard work to establish. But you can be assured that these followers will hold your throne up when you need it the most.

Make the right choices starting from today!

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