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Grow Grow Grow - How to grow startups and scaleups
Note from the editor

Yo! We hope you like our articles on Growth. We are the team from WRKBR (We build companies) and Grow Grow Grow (A growth lab). Over the last 10 years, we've built startups and companies in the US and UK. As we did we learned our lessons the hard way - a combination of successes and failures. Now we are applying those lessons in a very structured fashion, building our own portfolio of startups and companies, and helping other founders. Follow us here as we publish what we have learned. Hope it helps.

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Timothy Sherratt
Co-founder at Mitoo, previously web agency director. Engineer by trade.
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Andrew Crump
Founder, product/growth person, and thinker. CEO WRKBR and GrowGrowGrow. Previously EIR @Seedcamp, Grad/mentor @500. Advisor to some.