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Messy Information is Like a Sandwich Without Bread

Consuming information without a practical put-it-to-work plan is like making a sandwich without bread.

Created by Quest Technology Group in Canva
  1. Discover how your audience is engaging with the valuable information you’re continually sharing with them.
  2. How to use what you learn from your audience to deliver actionable, specific email engagement.

Great Information. Now What?

  • “Good to know, but what do I do with that information now?”
  • “I’ll put that on our to do list.”
  • “Does this work for us?”
  • “That won’t take long to do.”
  • “That won’t work for us because ___.”

8 Tips to Help You With “Now What?”

  • When I’m tempted (too often) to go all in, I hit the brakes. I go back to our long-term strategy statement and ask one simple question -
  • How will doing this contribute to the specific value we’re committed to delivering to our clients?
  • Start by writing down all of the things you will need to do to make this happen. It sounds tedious, but you’ll be surprised at what you uncover.
  • Ask yourself what you will need to stop doing to implement this. New opportunities don’t create more time in your day or replace lost revenue.
  • What are the desired results? Are they better than what you have to give up?
  • How will you measure the results? Be realistic. Hope isn’t a plan.
  • What’s the next problem you will solve? When you solve one problem for your client, you create the next one. Continuing the cycle of listening and responding builds the lasting relationships everyone values.
  • Talk to a trusted peer in your network. Be open to listening. An unbiased, objective perspective can not only save you time and money but also help you uncover unexpected opportunities.
  • Keep an idea notebook. The tool isn’t important. It can be an app, software, or a physical notebook, whatever works for you.

A Final Thought

Created by Quest Technology Group in Canva



Growin’ Bytes are short, readable snacks to feed your creativity, fuel your curiosity, and nurture your spirit of connectivity.

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