Growing Grief
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Growing Grief

Today I Made A Cheese Souffle

Is this a step in conquering grief and sadness ?

Image by Monika Mesterházy from Pixabay

Cheese souffle was a favorite meal that I made for my husband and I on Sundays and sometimes rainy days.

Serving it with a fruit salad or a green salad, it was a great meal to be enjoyed with a lovely bottle of French wine or sometimes, if we were celebrating something, we would definitely have a French…




A place to read and share stories of death and dying. Growing through the grief that comes before, during and after death

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D- Anne Jennings

D- Anne Jennings

Many interests.Dogs,food,lifestyle.A new widow.Still crazy after all these years.Coping with life.Early riser,coffee drinker.Baker.

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