Part 7: Access to education can be instrumental for recovery

The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan give opportunities to individuals in recovery to turn around their lives

When the other needs of getting into recovery are met, for some, the last card on the table may be beginning or continuing education. A recent study found Ann Arbor to be the most educated city in America. That’s partly because the area is home to two elite universities: Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti and the University of Michigan. To support students in recovery, the University of Michigan has a thriving, staffed Collegiate Recovery Program while one is in the works at Eastern Michigan.

CRPs work to provide students in recovery a support system, in addition to the one they may have already developed, and ultimately provide another resource to live successfully while getting educated.

“We need to create spaces on college campuses where students who are in recovery can feel like they are part of the college experience and also safe from the madness that can really threaten their recoveries,” Statman, the program director of Michigan’s CRP, said.

By being a university town, seeing older people pursuing their education can serve as an inspiration for people new into recovery, according to Statman.

“It makes it so that people who are in recovery have something to aspire toward,” Statman explained. “You know, they see other people getting educations and it looks more realistic for them — that kind of thing.”

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A look on the impact growing Healing Forests could have on addiction and recovery in the United States. Written by Derek Wolfe.

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Derek Wolfe

Derek Wolfe

University of Michigan ‘16

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