For the folks who attended the SMU Marketing Night

Here’s a collection of links, tools, and general references for the students attending the SMU Marketing Night in Singapore.

A very popular data viz tool in the cloud, worth exploring it. Worth learning a bit more about the languages that empower the tool (R, Python, etc).

Tools for Marketers and Growth Hackers
A Product Hunt collection with tons of useful tools.

Growth/Marketing Tools
Another juicy list from Product Hunt.

Best Startup Growth Books
List of interesting books in the cutting-edge of marketing and growth hacking.

MindNode Pro
Mind-mapping tool that I use pretty much everyday to try to put sense and create relationships between topics.

Interesting websites and blog posts

“Five Things I learned on the Cannes Creative Data Innovation Jury”
Tom Eslinger’s notes on his judging experience.

Contagious: “Innovation and Creative Data Winners”
A take on the winners (with some of the case studies featured below).

Cannes Lions Innovation
What is Cannes Lions anyway?

Singapore’s PDPA in full
Better read it, it’s going to be a big part of your work if you go on the direction of extracting meaning and value from personal data.

Marketing case studies

EA Sports Madden NFL “Giferator
Turning live football events into shareable GIFs, sparking conversations. Great example on how preparation is an important part of spontaneity.

Kleenex Catches Cold
Adaptive media planning, based on Google searches for flu and cold. Nick talked about it in our panel.

Australian Bureau of Statistics — Census “Run That Town”
Census data turned into an unique mobile game.

“SOS SMS”, Mexican Red Cross
Lack of medical data information kills people. So an SMS opt-in system was created.


“Dataclysm”, by Christian Rudder
The co-founder of OKCupid dissects one of the largest datasets out there. Great primer on how to tackle data and extract meaning from it.

Online courses

“Techniques and Concepts of Big Data” with Barton Poulsong” course on the vocabulary of big data.

“Foundations of Business Analytics: Prescriptive Analytics” with Alan Simon

Feel free to reach out to me at @andregoiano if you have any questions, comments, thoughts.

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