Dublin as a Character

Mapping is a graphical technique that helps to visualise connections between things. It is particularly useful for the comprenhension of novels as A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man that, as the other Joyce´s works, emphasizes real locations.

The inclusion in this blog of an interactive map, collecting the main locations that appear in the novel, permits to have a better proximity to the places where the Stephen´s (and Joyce´s) vivences take place (basically in Dublin but also in some other places out of this city), facilitating the visualization of the existing connections between the author, the work and the spaces in which it runs and the Irish life developed in them.

The map reveals clearly the importance of Dublin for Joyce, and how the author uses numerous real places of the city for reflecting the Irish life in their own locations. In a certain way, the relevance that Dublin has in Joyce’s narrative makes that it pass from being the space in which the action develops to being a character.

By clicking in each icon is posible to read the text of the novel where the places is cited, including the page number and to see, as far as possible, a photography of the place in the early 20th.

Completing and expanding other works, this map is an effort to link literature and geography, combining map locations with texts and photos on the conviction that it helps to visualise the relative relationships between Stephen Dedalus growing and Dublin (understanding it as one more character of the novel).

Photo: Dublin city map taken from The Sunny Side of Ireland: How to see it by the Great Southern and Western Railway, by John O’Mahony, 1898
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