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This is an email from Grown Folk's News, a newsletter by GFC Mag.

GFC’s Newsletter Vol 1

Soft Launch, writing prompts, events, and updates

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Hi GFC Fam,

This is our first newsletter and I have so many exciting things to announce:

First and foremost, the ladies of Grown Folks Conversation aka GFC softly launched its publication on August 15, 2022. GFC initially started as a Medium account, but now it’s an open publication where seasoned writers, preferably over 40 years old can post stories about their life experiences.

The publication is under construction, we’re open to suggestions and accepting submissions. Click on the pic below for more info:

GFC — Announcement

Writing Prompts and Great Pieces

We’ve extended the deadline for our soft launch and August/September issue here are our writing prompts:

Writing Prompt #1: When did you realize you were grown? Please include age, milestones and if it has a humorous spin — that’s a plus.

Writing Prompt #2: What does home mean to you and how has your definition evolved over the years?

Here is one of our first submissions:

Love Exists on the Other Side of Fear by Michelle Renee Lane
Read, clap, comment, and Tweet this great piece on love, life, and learning lessons at every age and stage of life.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

We will be accepting submissions until September 5, 2022. If you’re interested in writing for GFC, please fill out the form here.

GFC Community Events

If you’re interested in writing, but can’t find the time or motivation or just want to quickly connect with a great group of writers, please join our:

Saturday Write-Ins — every other Saturday
10:30–11:30 am EST on Zoom

We’re wrapping up our summer series on August 20th, but it will continue on Zoom and other platforms in the fall. Stay tuned for the fall flyer in next month’s newsletter.

Here’s the summer series’ flyer. If you’re interested in attending, send me a direct message on Twitter or a private note with your email address on this post.

Write-In Event Flyer

.Thank you for reading and we look forward to reading and amplifying your stories.



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