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Here’s a list of articles that I recommend for my mentees for the Udacity digital marketing nanodegree. Marketing is changing rapidly! It’s good to know what’s big before it gets HUGE. When I first joined Google Adsense, I had no idea how big Google marketing will get. If I had known, I would pay more attention to community guidelines and policies (Google bans advertiser and publishers easily). What is trending? There are some classics, must-haves, and some familiar terms like influencers, but there are many new ones: Google SEO page 0? How to rank on page 0 of Google SEO!? Previously every one wants to talk about how to get on the top 3 of Google search results, now many are aiming for position zero. Read more to find out. Still worry about SEO? What about re-targeting on Facebook, hyper-local targeting and search results? Be the digital marketer 3.0. Be a leader in digital marketing.

Why these articles? I send a virtual assistant (yay productivity hack. I use Fancy Hands a really affordable virtual service to do my initial first cut market research. #productivity) to search for the best articles on the internet. I personally review each of them and only kept the very best. Each article comes with a personal note what is important to pay attention to. These highlights are absolutely the juiciest part.

Familiar digital marketing channels like Google also has new forms like hyper local targeting and re-targeting, influencer marketing is evovling as wel.


My takeaway message for the students: “Dear student here are four articles about digital marketing trends in 2019 that my helper and I found to be very helpful. We want to share it with you as a part of the Udacity mentorship experience. These materials are completely optional and should not take time away from your study. We noticed that digital marketing is taking on new formats and MEDIAS such as voice and video. And that there are new CHANNELS that go way beyond Google, Facebook and Instagram to deploy contents and ads. Enjoy.”

Initially I was presented with 10 articles and narrowed the list down to just four great articles. Google web search, Facebook and Instagram Ads were the giants of digital marketing and social marketing. That trend only partly sustains. There are now many top spots to claim in silo’ed ecosystems : voice search, top chart of an app store, rich search results that are prioritized. While these marketing ecosystems are silo’ed they are lucrative and absolutely worth fighting for. Just like when Google search first emerged to be important.

Among the trends and signals, one can see an important transformation of the media, the format via which digital ads and results are delivered: video, voice, rich texts (e.g. Pinterest rich pin, Facebook and Google knowledge graph snippets).

Digital Marketing Is No Longer About Products, It’s About Buying A Better Version Of Yourself — Brianna Wiest ForbesWomen

Can your product help people achieve a better version of themselves?
Is your marketing campaign Aspiring? A natural organic viral factor. The brand that is winning are telling their own stories through video and instagram stories.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends

Perhaps the best article my helper found was Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 by TheeDigital. It gives unexpected details of new marketing trends that check out with my professional and personal experience with digital marketing and growth hacking.

Important hightlights: video, infographics, chat bot, SEO position zero (a really insightful mention), voice search (in Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri), paid social ads etc.

How to be really good at Digital Marketing in 2020

This high level article mentions automation, facebook AR ad, Amazon SEO, Voice Search … quite a few buzzwords.

7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Own 2019

Here’s some extra reading hammering in on the importance of new forms of marketing such as video and social SEO.



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