Growth Hacking

The internet’s favorite new toy.

Stealing Traction: How Youtube, Paypal, StumbleUpon and AirBnB Grew Through Piggybacking

Design patterns in viral growth

One of the key challenges of creating a two-sided network is deciding how to get both sides on board. Does a marketplace get the consumers first or the merchants first? And why would either side join without the other? Platforms face a…

Growth Hacking is Much (More) Harder in Developing Countries

And Why US Startups Should Be Grateful

I hear new stories every single day about how ‘growth hackers’ are fighting their way to increase user sign-up’s and bringing in traffic to their newly launched startups. These so called ‘growth hackers’ are trying to find ingenious ways so that they can…

All The World’s A Stage

Three Lessons for Growth Hackers

“Ten Minutes! Ten Minutes To Curtain!”

A Meditation on Word of Mouth Marketing and Growth Hacking

Orchestrating Offline Conversations in an Always-Online World

A Primer on Startup Growth

This primer is not original work but pulls together information from multiple sources including articles, slides and talks from Andrew Chen (AppSumo), Andy Johns

10 of the best growth hacks of all time

#1 Paypal’s friend referral bounty

By paying $10 cash to each new customer and $10 to the customer who referred them…

Badges for SEO, A Smart Growth Hack By Mixpanel

On September 21st 2013, Suhail Doshi, CEO and Co-founder at mixpanel was in Paris to do some live mentoring for Startups organized by…

Notes from a Growth conference

Mixpanel 2013 Data Driven Conference #ddc2013

Last week I attended Mixpanel’s Data Driven Conference with two of my co-workers. I found the speakers very energizing and the content close to my heart: data, marketing and driving growth. I therefore decided to keep some notes on the important anecdotes and takeaways.

What poker can teach you about A/B tests and iterative website optimization

Testing is the poker tell of the digital world

Tell Me About Your Sales Roadmap 

Mark Leslie was in the Greylock offices today. Somewhat embarrassingly, I had just printed his HBR paper “The Sales Learning Curve” and left it on the…

You Don’t Want to Be a “Marketer”

The wrong skills for the wrong era.

Sorry. Your marketing job just became obsolete.

The Myth of Growth Hacking

It’s not new, no matter what you think

Steve Jobs was arguably the best Marketer of all time. He was certainly the best technology

A Definition of Growth Hacking

Thoughts on the evolution of marketing

In the midst of World War I, a guy named Edward Bernays more or less invented the fields of…

Growth Hacking Your Way to Viral Lift

Virality is not an accident. It is engineered. 

It’s probably being said in a marketing meeting right now: “We want to go…

Growth hacking can be black hat too

Strategies, not semantics define who you are

Perception is everything, especially when it comes to the realm of marketing…

3 Quick & Easy Growth Hacks

Grow your businesses with simple tweaks to your website

Growth hacking tactics should be unique depending on what company you are…

Don’t Blame the Tool

7 false premises common in anti-A/B-testing arguments

A/B testing is not a panacea, but it is fantastic at what it’s supposed to do. Some…

Promoting virality by making member to non-member connections

At True Ventures’ TrueU, Josh Elman talked about how Linkedin did an audit of each of their features, scoring each one 1 — 10 based on how much each feature allowed members to interact with non-members. This audit was used to prioritize projects that had a higher likelihood of increasing virality.

Growth Hacking
Growth Hacking

The internet’s favorite new toy.

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