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Growth Hacking Recruiter ULTIMATE YouTube List

Recruiters, do you use YouTube? We made the ultimate list of Recruitment YouTubers to watch. Here are a few you might like, make sure to add your favourite channels to follow if we missed them.

TL;DR We built you a list to help you find every recruitment themed YouTube channel. 200 is a lot so we have picked some you should enjoy.

We were discussing growing YouTube channels the other day on in the Growth Hacking Recruiters group on Facebook. I was surprised that even though its 2019 and YouTube has been around for years, there are not that many famous Recruitment YouTubers. So, I thought it was time to do a bit of research. I wanted to find out who and what are the best YouTube channels for Recruiters to follow!

I started by pulling together a list of Recruitment YouTubers. Lucky for me, there are already some super people who have lists of YouTube channels for Recruiters, I was able to quickly scrape lists from Dean Da Costa’s Start.me page and Susanna Frazier Recommended viewing the list. My list was growing, then the wonderful Susanna sent me a scrape of all the YouTubers she was following. So now, I have a list of over 200 Recruitment and Growth Focused YouTubers. Do I have them all?

I went through and looked at every channel and I’m sure there are more out there. If you have a YouTube channel that you think Recruiters will like. Please add it to the list!

What are the Best Channels to follow?

The stuff that I like on YouTube is entertaining and informative. I think right now, that a lot of those Best YouTubers in the Recruiting sphere are not well known and don’t have the followers they deserve.

YouTube is a great way to share recruiting techniques, training and tips.

There are channels with hundreds of thousands of followers on our list but I think in the top ten, Social Talent are the ones nailing it. Give them a follow if you aren’t already.

Social Talent with some interesting insights from TubBuddies Channelytics

That’s what I would expect for a professionally run channel. Might help that they have a video recruitment training platform ;)

YouTube Channels Recruiters should follow but probably don’t.

Probably not the best recruitment YouTubers. My list is based on personal preference. People that actually produce content I see on my feed. YouTube is all about jostling for attention among the other channels I subscribe to like; Vice, TED, Munchies, Gary Vee and High Rankin. Let me know if you think I am wrong or have missed someone!

Get started, check out Dean Da Costa’s most popular video’s here!

Dean Da Costa was, without doubt, the first recruitment themed YouTube channel I started watching. Dean’s contribution to YouTube and the Sourcing community is huge. His YouTube channel is mainly videos of tool walkthroughs and tricks that will help any recruiter up their game.

The Jim Stroud Show was again, one I have been watching for years. Obviously took me a while to catch up ;) Slick and entertaining, Jim is rocking YouTube. Go check it out.

You can get involved in the live chat panel live every Friday here.

The Social Recruiting Show is a weekly crowd cast with Audra Knight and Katrina Collier. With over 131 episodes, this should already be on your radar, their YouTube channel is a great resource to keep you on top of all the latest trends and techniques in Recruiting. Especially when it comes to recruiting so social media!

Make sure you check out all of the sourcer interviews.

The Sourcing Challenge Show with Mark Lungren. Is on a mission to collect as many stories from sourcers around the world as possible, that makes for entertaining and enjoyable watching. He uploads pretty often and has a great archive. Get in touch with him if you want to do an interview.

Go find out how to use

Shane McCusker has a huge YouTube following. His Facebook search tool is the best and he continues on his mission helping Recruiters get better over on his YouTube channel. Lots of stuff to learn here!

Greg Hawkes YouTube channel has been blowing up this year. A Growth Hacking Recruiter contributor, his sourcing thing a week and duelling sourcer shows are great fun. He has some awesome walkthroughs for all recruiters but if you want to go deeper into the tech stuff he recommends you check out, Andre B and Bret Feig’s Untech YouTube channels.

Ben Nader’s channel actually came up as a suggested show one day and I took a look, I love his honest take on some great recruiting subjects. He is producing awesome content, especially for any agency and independent recruiters.

NOTABLE MENTIONS Paired Sourcing’s stream was cool too but they seemed to have stopped uploading… nudge, nudge ;) Also worth checking out The Interview Guys Channel, this super slick animated interview tips channel seemed to have nailed in terms of a growing audience.

👇 Check out and add your channel to Growth Hacking Recruiters ULTIMATE list of Recruitment YouTubers 👇

The list is massive, there are over 200 channels on there already. Add your channel if you have one or drop it in the comments. Who do you follow on YouTube?

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