Growth Tribe Academy #3: The Countdown Has Begun

David Arnoux
Aug 25, 2016 · 4 min read

It’s that time of year… In precisely 10 days, the Growth Tribe Academy will open its doors to the 3rd batch of growth hustlers! And boy, what a batch we have this time!

BUT FIRST: a bit of reflection.

1st Growth Tribe Academy

The first academy quickly became a massive hit right after we announced it. We received a whopping 885 applications, out of which 420 made it to the second round. The applications came in from all around the world: Europe, the USA, Russia and 43 countries in total including Singapore, Iran, Argentina, Latvia and Serbia. In the end, we selected the cream of the crop: 21 amazing marketers, coders, designers and data scientists that were ready to embark on a 3-month long journey.

1st Academy Stats

2nd Growth Tribe Academy

The 2nd academy brought in a lot of pleasant surprises as well. Aside from the fact that 621 people applied, we also noticed a growing trend in applications from women. Did someone say #GirlPower? The final batch represented a wider diversity in terms of countries of origin, backgrounds and genders.

2nd Academy Stats

But it’s finally time to announce the stats from our upcoming 3rd batch of academy participants.

3rd Growth Tribe Academy

We received 693 applications in total, out of which 219 were given the green light to the second round. Yet again, we were absolutely euphoric to receive applications fromAlgeria, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Serbia, Bangladesh, Armenia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Peru, Ecuador, Hungary and so many more places out there. We could feel that this batch was going to be extra-extra-extradiverse.

And we were not wrong!

The selected 24 come from 13 countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, the UK, Estonia, Belgium, Slovenia, India, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia. ALSO, for the first time in the history of Growth Tribe, 46% of our participants are girls!

We also noticed other fascinating trends while receiving applications: a large number of applicants were older professionals with impressive work experience under their belts.

3rd Academy Stats

And finally, the 3rd academy is a definite champion when it comes to size. Not 6, not 7, but 8 exciting high-growth startups were selected to participate in this intake, each bringing an employee to take part. Which means that not 21, but 24 growth hackers in total will be split into teams of 3 to work in these 8 startups.

We could not be more proud and excited for them.

Now let’s get acquainted with some of the young professionals from the 3rd batch…

Welkom, Lisanne!

Bienvenido, Ander!

Bienvenue, Jeremy!

Welkom, Cas!

Bem vinda, Olivia!

And this is just the preview. We have so many amazing profiles that we can’t wait to share with the world. It’s been a wonderful journey and we can’t wait to meet the participants and startups to pass on some growth hacking wisdom!

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we announce the 8 startups who will join us for this intake.

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David Arnoux

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@darnocks is Head of Growth & Co-founder @growthtribe ( teaching Machine Learning to people who can’t code..on weekends he explores GIFs.

Growth Tribe Academy

Sharing the latests tools, trends and tactics on growth, machine learning and the future of education

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